Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Internal Judge

UV 1577/10000 The Internal Judge
For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart
Hebrews 4 v 12
The Word of God is effective. It is the sword of the Spirit. It is the weapon that the Spirit uses to shape our faith and our character. Unlike lethal weapons, it gives life and does not take life. Indeed, the most powerful weapons are not those that take life but give life and mould life to be what the Creator intended it to be. The Word in our mouths is a sword or a spiritual weapon that proceeds from our mouths. It is used to do spiritual surgery within our inmost being. It is double edged as it affects our present and our future. It affects the lives of the speaker and the listener. It penetrates the deepest part of our bodies, minds and souls.

The Word is alive and active. It is like an internal judge, coach and guide sitting inside us giving us a pre-view of life. The Word pre-judges us. In other words, when we willingly and gladly examine our lives with the help of the Word, we are judging ourselves according to the absolute standards of righteousness of the Lord. The Word says that “ If you judge yourself, you will not be judged.” It discerns or finds out the motives behind every thought, word and action. It throws light on the dark, subtle and secret parts of our inner being. It heals us of our sinful urges and proclivities. The Word acts quickly or in the twinkle of an eye. It acts promptly. It discerns our need and throws up the very answer we need. The Word is not about religion but about “realigion”.
We cannot discern where the mind ends and the spirit begins but the Word does a kind of forensic analysis of our being and shows us the finiteness of our mind and the infinite range and scope of the spirit. The Word offers real solutions to the problems and challenges we face in this world. The Word gives us access to supernatural grace and resources. Leadership and management literature does not give answers to how to resolve our inner issues, how to discern one’s own motives and the direction of one’s own conduct. Why would a nobel laureate sexually harass a junior colleague? Why would a World Bank President sexually assault a hotel maid? Why would a US President have clandestine contacts with an intern? The positions these persons occupied probably gave them a sense of immunity. They thought they would not be questioned or judged. They did not discern their own motives or actions resulting in huge damage to their reputations. Holding the Word in one’s heart for a long period of time is not a guarantee of moral preservation for the moment the Word departs from our hearts, we are level with everyone else and prone once again to misjudgement. David had all his youth kept himself from temptations but when he was at the height of his power and fame as a military conqueror and king, the Word departed from Him and he departed from the Word. He lost his path as he did not hold the Word to illumine every step he took as a man holds a lamp to light up the steps just ahead. We cannot see too far but just enough to move forward day by day, moment by moment. At each point of choice, the Word will tell us quite clearly, “Choose this way – it leads to life, abundant and eternal. Choose that way- it leads to death, misery and suffering.”

Prateep V Philip

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