Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Purpose of Purposeful Productivity

UV 1670/10000 The Secret of Purposeful Productivity
And the land shall yield her fruit, and ye shall eat your fill, and dwell therein in safety.
Leviticus 25 v 19

When a farmer plans to cultivate a piece of land, at best he thinks to himself that the land may yield its fruit in due course, provided the seed is good, the rains are sufficient, not excessive or too inadequate, not late or early but on time, no locusts attack at the time of harvest, no rot sets in while the plants are growing. There are too many imponderables for him to be certain the land will yield in due time to meet his need. The same applies to a worker in any other field or an author who is writing a book. But this uni-verse promises that “ the land SHALL yield her fruit” without an iota of doubt or uncertainty. When we love and respect the Word of God, He will bless us with the former rain and the latter rain. He will multiply our seed. He will set His tabernacle or His habitation in us and amidst us. He will cause our hand and our land to yield in due time, not early or not late but just in time. We will enjoy the abundant life- a life full of the spiritual fruit as well as the fruit of our labour, the fruit of our lips, the fruit of our bodies, the fruit of our minds, the fruit of our hands and of our lands. He will give us treasures out of darkness, reveal secrets that will bless us. He will bless our food and our water. Even our footwear will not wear out too soon. The Lord will not let our enemies trample upon us. He will place a hedge around us. He will deny us no good thing. As we increasingly yield to Him, He will increase our yield or our productivity, creativity and contribution in this world.

We shall eat our fill of the blessings of the Lord. We shall eat and digest the Word and produce eternal and abundant fruit of the spirit of love, joy and peace. We will eat the fruit of our labour. The work of our hands or our contributions will be validated. We will be satisfied and suffer no lack. We will not be living in vain or chasing vanities like the rich, the glamourous and powerful. Our work will be rewarded adequately. We will be glad and contented with our lot or the portion the Lord has given us. The word “ portion” implies the allocation or allotment of our share of blessings- spiritual, material, physical, financial, filial, emotional and eternal. Of course, we will have our share of suffering in this world too. We have suffering so that our faith is tested, refined and purified. Suffering is like the pruning of a plant in order to make it yield better and more. We will have enough and more to spare, to give to others who are in need.
In addition to productivity and suffering, we have a sense of absolute safety and security with the Lord. No dog can raise its tongue against us. No hair on our heads will fall without his knowledge. Nothing will happen to us without His allowing it. We shall not be ashamed. We will be vindicated. Our enemies will be put to shame. We have to fear no one but the Almighty. We shall be like an enclosed well-watered garden, a walled vineyard that is well fenced. Our floors will be full of wheat and our vats will overflow with wine and oil. The Lord will deal wonderfully with us so that we shall dwell safely therein. He will cause the “evil beasts” to cease in our land. The word “evil beasts” refers to evil and unruly spirits. He will break every yoke of bondage or slavery or anything that limits or constrains our growth or fulfilment of our potential.

Prateep V Philip

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