Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Wells

UV 2263/10000 The Wells
Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
Isaiah 12 v 3

Each verse in scripture is as small as a cell. But each cell is a well of salvation. Each verse or uni-verse is a source of human well being, healing, deliverance, provision, vision, power and protection or in one word- salvation. It is a deep well. It requires us to drop the pail of our understanding deeper and deeper to draw the hidden and inner meaning of scripture. It is a well of living water. It is intended to fulfil our practical needs and purpose of life. It is not theoretical but meant to apply to all aspects of our day to day living: our morality is derived from it. Our philosophy of work and life is derived from it. Our world view is derived from it. Our hope is derived from it. The world is like a vast spiritual desert but the Lord leads us through His word to Elim, an oasis with many fruit bearing palm trees and many perennial wells.

Like the water from the wells dug or re-opened by Isaac, the practical instructions from the Word will lead to a hundred fold increase in our productivity or our harvest in different fields of our lives. It will lubricate our souls. It will give us examples to follow. It will inspire us. The people of this world collect water in broken cisterns or containers that cannot hold the water. No human author, being mortal and limited in knowledge and understanding can ever give us the words of eternal life. But we have this living fountain of joy and wisdom in Jesus and His words. As John the Baptist testified of Jesus, “ The One who is of this earth knows only of this earth but the Messiah, the One who is sent from heaven knows all about heaven and has revealed all that we need to know about eternal life and salvation. For every deep need of man, there is a specific well with living water in it.
The long passage to heaven is called life and it has three doors, one leading to the other in a linear way, faith being the first door, the second door being love of God and others, the third and final door is hope of living forever, sans tears and pain and full of joy. Each day we are taking one more step towards the next door. Between the doors, we need to delve deep into the water of everlasting life and delight in drinking from it. The living water will give us the strength to take the next step with a sense of peace, assurance and security. It will keep us from wandering off the chosen path to some other watering hole where some predator may prey on us. It will keep us from following the bait or red herrings cast on our path by the enemy of our souls to mislead us.

Prateep V Philip

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