Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Strength and Sensitivity

UV 2279/10000 Strength and Sensitivity
Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:
Isaiah 59 v 1

Strength and sensitivity are the two traits of the Lord. His heart is sensitive and His arms are mighty to save. There is no place He cannot reach, no person He cannot touch, no situation He cannot change. He is sovereign and absolute in His power. His ears are always inclined to the mouths and hearts of men to hear their words and even their sighs. We often think due to our lack of faith and our conditioning that the hand of the Lord is too short to be able to do certain things. But the Lord is both willing and able to help us. Nothing is too hard or impossible for Him. We only need to impress upon Him the necessity of that which we seek in Him.

We too should try to imitate these traits of the Lord. We should try to acquire both the strength and the sensitivity to use the power vested in us aptly. In ourselves, we are weak and limited beings but through our faith in the Lord, we can attempt the impossible and difficult. He does not make what is difficult easy for us but He increases our strength, our confidence and wisdom so that we are able to accomplish that which we seek. Power is shaped by responsibility. Our responsibility again depends on our response ability. We need to analyse in any given situation what our response should be from a range of choices. Then, we should go ahead and do it.

The problems and challenges in this world are so huge and daunting that it often discourages us with the thought of its futility and vanity. The story of the humming bird that attempted to save its fellow creatures in the forest by trying to douse the forest fire with a single drop of water in its tiny beak should inspire us to develop the courage, the confidence, the hope and faith to attempt to do all that lies with us to do in any given situation, however difficult or impossible. Our faith will move the hand of the Lord to act on our behalf so that it is resolved. We need to imitate the Lord by consistently doing that which we can. When we keep doing what we can, we will end up doing what we cannot – the difficult and impossible.

Prateep V Philip

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