Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cancelled Judgements

UV 1763/10000 Cancelled Judgements
The LORD hath taken away thy judgments, he hath cast out thine enemy: the king of Israel, even the LORD, is in the midst of thee: thou shalt not see evil any more.
Zephaniah 3 v 15
We often tend to be judgemental about others without realizing the extent to which we are indebted to the Lord for not being judgemental about us. If He is judgemental, we would not be able to even approach His throne of mercy and grace. We would be cast away and rejected. But, the Lord has cancelled the judgements against us by His great grace and mercy. Forgiveness is about cancellation of judgements. We too are exhorted to cancel the judgements we have against others who have offended us in some way, big or small. The Lord holds us as innocent and just not by the standards of law but by the standards of grace. Nothing we have done or not done could have earned us this unction or anointing. Having received His grace and mercy, we have no reason or excuse to feel guilty. Since the Lord Himself has declared us guiltless or blemishless in His sight, we are free from every form of captivity or bondage. The foundation of a cleansed past gives us a joyful present and a bright future. We are shielded in order to be fielded as God’s invincible champions in the battlefield of life.
The Lord rules in us as not just God but as a king among men. He orders our steps or the things we need to do in our lifetime. He is in our midst and accompanies us wherever we go. He is with us in our deepest thoughts. He rejoices over our righteous conversations. He delights in our noble intentions and actions. He identifies with us in our pursuits. His kingdom is being built in us and with us, day by day in all that we think, speak and do. We find our recreation, rest and relief, renewal and rejuvenation in Him. All our fountains lie in Him, implying that all that refreshes us is found in Him and His wholesome word.
Not only is the Lord not judgemental and extremely gracious and merciful towards us, He casts out evil from our midst. All that the enemy has plotted against us to take us captive is cancelled by His sovereign decree. He preserves us from every weapon. For all the days we have experienced evil, He multiplies good in our lives. He takes away our reproach or that which causes shame, pain or embarrassment to us. He strengthens us internally and externally. He will wipe our tears or remove the causes and sources of our sorrows, fears, mourning and regret. He comforts us. He restores us. He delivers us from all manner of evil. Every morning He will bring His judgement concerning to light as the Morning Star. The sun being an unique star that shines not in darkness but from the morning of every day, Jesus is unique. Other leading lights of history shine in the darkness dimly but Jesus alone is outstanding, shining forever and outshining all else. His light or His love, integrity, glory, grace, holiness and truth dispels all manner of evil or darkness. Our walls will be ramparts of salvation and our gates towers of praise, implying that His salvation will surround us at all times such that we need not fear death or judgement.
Prateep V Philip

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