Monday, May 30, 2016

The Master Key

UV 1769/10000 The Master Key
“ I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
Matthew 16 v 19
Do we have one key to open all the treasures of heaven and earth? That key is the master key, rather it is the Master’s key. The Master is Jesus and He is the key to all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge of heaven and earth. When we have Jesus as ruler of our hearts, it is like holding a bunch of keys in our hands, that can be used to lock and unlock many things, many doors, many opportunities, many threats, many possibilities. He is the Yes and Amen to all God’s promises. He is the Affirmer and Affirmation of our potential in Him. Without Him we can do nothing. Without Him, we amount to nothing, we are like the grass that is here today and gone tomorrow or like the flower that is here today and faded tomorrow. With Him, we can do all things. Nothing is impossible for us. Nothing is beyond our reach. What eye has not seen, nor ear heard nor entered into the imagination of man is accessible in Him. He is the Amen, the One who establishes and fulfils God’s promises in our lives. He is the One who agrees with God’s purpose for our lives and releases His grace and power to go ahead and do it.

Jesus is the Key of David- the key to open the gates of heaven for us. He holds the key to death and hell, the key to the abyss of life. He is the key to salvation. He is the key to understanding the secrets of the Lord and of His kingdom. He is the key to realizing His kingdom or rule within us and without. He is the key to success, joy and fulfilment. He is the key to health and healing. He is the key to deliverance. He is the key to protection and security in this life and beyond. He is the key to prosper us in spirit, first but also in mind and body. He is the key to contentment and stability of homes as well as the holistic development of individuals, organisations and nations. He is the key to peace and eternal life. He is the key to abundance and prosperity, to freedom and honour. He is the key to unlocking our personal bondages and chains. He is the key to unlocking our talents and abilities and locking our destructive potential. He is the key to spiritual victory and all triumphs of the spirit. He is the key to destroying all strongholds of the enemy. He is the key to integrating our spirits, minds and bodies. All these keys are the light yoke He places on our shoulders in place of the heavy yoke of our past. He is the key to every blessing of God’s word and to avoiding every warning of the Lord, to keeping every command and direction. He is the key to being the head and not the tail, the key to being above and not below our circumstances, the key to flying like an eagle over the storm and being like a young man who runs and never gets tired. He is the key to all spiritual blessings and riches in heavenly places, the key to breaking down barriers and brass gates that hinder our progress and growth.

Jesus is the key to locking doors that need to be locked like the doors of destruction, the doors of addiction and negative habits. He is the key to unlocking our human and divine potential. He is the key to fellowship and friendship with the Creator. He is the key to resolving our conflicts and solving all our issues. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the key to all the beginnings, the endings and all that lies in between. He teaches us two main disciplines: to love that which is good and to hate or abhor or avoid that which is intrinsically evil. In the uni-verse, we are given the power, the authority, the grace, the privilege to lock what is evil on earth ad to unlock whatever is good on earth and all that is good in heaven. We are given the power to lock the guilt of our past, to unlock the hope of the future, the joy of the present, to lock the power of curses and unlock the power of blessings, to lock the power of death in our tongues and to unlock the power of eternal life of our tongues, to block the darkness and to release the light. What we shut in faith, no man can open and what we unlock, no man can shut.

Prateep V Philip

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