Thursday, October 27, 2016

True Riches

UV 2105/10000 True Riches
The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.
Proverbs 10 v 22

The word used in this uni-verse is the singular “blessing” and not blessings. It implies that it is the presence of the Lord with us through His name, His word and His Spirit that spontaneously and supernaturally blesses us or enlarges us. True wealth and riches are found in our personal relationship with the Father through His Son Jesus. His word enriches our understanding. His anointing releases multiple streams of blessing in our lives. His presence preserves us from temptations and during trials and troubles of this life. Moses understood this secret and pleaded that the presence of the Lord be with them. His presence would give them victories over formidable foes and enemies on the way to the promised land. His presence would give him wisdom and grace to lead the rebellious and indisciplined Jewish people. His presence would preserve him from his own folly, the weaknesses of his own flesh, his anger, depression and fears.

Financial or worldly riches often accompany or follow the blessing of the Lord but these are secondary and not the focus or purpose of our decision to follow Jesus. Physical health often is a blessing of faithful obedience to the will and word of the Lord. Yet, health is not the purpose of our relationship with Him. We will be the source of blessings and help to many people. Yet, the service we render is not the purpose or true outcome of our seeking the Lord and His kingdom. We are to be rich from the perspective of eternity, the perspective of the Lord. We are to be rich in faith, love, patience and hope. These are the eternal fruit or results of the Lord’s investment in us.

It is a temptation to shift our focus from the blessing of the Lord to the blessings of the Lord. Our relationship with the Lord is non-negotiable and top priority. Nothing and no one can replace it or affect it negatively. We need to be continually and intimately connected and dependent on the Lord. We are to be rich in the grace of the Lord, implying we are to be strong in the strength that the Lord provides or imparts us. The Lord does not grudge us our joy and peace in Him. He does not willingly afflict us or add any sorrow or pain or suffering to our lives as long as we make our relationship with Him, our communication with Him the topmost priority of our lives. His presence will supply all our need- spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and physical according to the infinite and immeasurable riches of His grace and glory. His favour is enough to prosper us in spirit, mind and body but we do not seek Him merely to advance our spirits, minds and bodies. Many persons in this world are phenomenally wealthy but their hearts are pierced with many sorrows- either a crippling disease, marital breakdown, scandals, black sheep in the family, tragedies and so on.

Prateep V Philip

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