Friday, October 21, 2016

Word Power

UV 2101/10000 Word Power
Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded
Proverbs 13 v 13

Loving and delighting in studying the Word has quite the opposite effect of ignoring, despising, disobeying and disregarding the instructions, precepts, standards of the Lord as written, illustrated, explained, enumerated in His Word. The Word has the innate power to both preserve and promote us in this world. Without the word, there is no light of knowledge, wisdom and hope for mankind. It is the honey-sweet manna that sustains us in our journey through the wasteland and the desert. It is the only food prepared by the Lord for mankind. It has no substitutes. It is more important than our necessary physical food. It is more valuable than our gold, silver and precious stones. It is more nourishing than meat or grain. In contrast, if we ignore the Word, even our prayers will be unacceptable and hated by the Lord.

The Bible is a living book, implying that it is the book by which we should live. It gives us a world view or frame to understand and interpret reality around us. It shows us what snares or traps of the enemy we should look out for and avoid. When we despise the Word, we cast all caution and fear of God to the winds. We are at great risk in getting our feet ensnared in the snares. Our souls will be baited. We go for bait or the cheap stuff that is dangled in front of our eyes instead of discerning that it is meant to trap and destroy us.

For every need of man, there is a seed in the Word to meet that need. Every question our reason asks is answered more than adequately in the word. Every threat, insecurity and fear is confronted in the word. We shall know the word and the word will set us free from all untruths, the consequences of thinking, speaking and living these untruths. It is not enough to cursorily or casually read the Word but it is necessary to dive deeper and deeper into it, unearth the hidden meaning and delight in applying the discovered truths to our lives. We are too small to experiment with the truth but we can experience the truth in the course of our lifetime. The word is balanced and wholesome, meeting every need of spirit, mind and body. The Word penetrates and seeps into the deepest, unknown and unseen parts of our being.

Prateep V Philip

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