Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Father's Love

UV 2125/10000 The Father’s Love
Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.
Psalm 63 v 3
David had tasted the love and kindness of the Lord from his youth. He discovered that all the things he enjoyed daily as well as the big breaks he got in life came by the grace of the Lord and not due to his own innate abilities or talents or prowess. He therefore committed his life to make it an elaborate and lifelong praise of the Lord. The result is the psalms or songs of praise he penned, sang, played on his harp and danced to. He found a song to praise and thank the Lord both in his good times and in his bad times.
The usage “lovingkindness” is unique to scripture. It implies that God’s love travels from love to kindness, love at all times and kindness when we err, mess up or need correction and forgiveness. His love does not indulge us but it aims to prune us, make us faithful and fruitful. Life without experiencing God’s love is pointless and purposeless. His love not only sustains, protects, preserves, promotes but also surrounds and hems us in. His love transforms our lives. His love sets us free. A life without His love is hopeless. Without His love, we are like dry and parched land where no trees, plants or crops can grow.
All the qualities we seek in others and in ourselves which are noble, excellent, praiseworthy, great and gracious are found in His love. Praise and worship are an automatic reflex action of our hearts, minds, lips and hands as we understand, appreciate and experience His love and kindness. We can praise the Lord not only with our lips but with our actions, our work, our habits, our relationships. The ultimate test and price of the love of God was sending His Son Jesus at a point in time to the earth to communicate that love and redeem all mankind. It is His grace and mercy that He redeems us merely on the basis of our faith in the redeeming work or mission of Jesus.
Prateep V Philip

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