Sunday, September 24, 2017


UV 2782/10000 Overflow
Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall:
Genesis 49 v 22
Joseph was the one son of Jacob who would bring greatest glory to Jehovah and do his name proud. He suffered great injustice in his youth but he prospered even in his adversity as the Lord God was with him. He is described in this uni-verse as a “fruitful bough” fed from water from a well and producing fruit that overflowed the boundaries of his life. He is a good model for every believer. We are to abound with the fruit of the Spirit of God of love, joy and peace. The Holy Spirit constantly waters our roots so that we are well nourished spiritually. The Word like living water reaches the different parts of our lives and causes it to be fruitful.
The image of Joseph painted in this description by his own father Jacob in his parting blessing before the latter’s death is echoed in the multi-fruit garden in heaven, described in the book of Revelation, that is watered by the eternal river of life. The leaves of the trees were meant for the healing of the nations. The trees produced a different fruit every month. Our thoughts and words are meant for the healing of the nations, to produce faith and salvation in our listeners or readers. Our testimonies are a blessing for the people of different national, cultural and racial backgrounds. Our actions and reactions should overflow with the sanctified emotions of love, joy and peace.
The Lord being with us is the chief criterion and determinant of our success and joy. His favour or grace is sufficient to turn around any adverse situation in life. The Holy Spirit will impart His wisdom to us. We only need to trust in the faithfulness of the Lord and wall or fence ourselves in with the commands, promises and precepts of the Lord contained in His Word. The disciplines we follow as a result will be a pointer to others where true success, happiness, power, beauty, health, pleasure, wealth and fame lies. Our lives will be like the overhanging branches of trees in an orchard from which every passer by can glean and satisfy their need of truth and wisdom. True success and joy is not a half empty glass or a half full or even a full glass but an overflowing one. Our lives will not be full of only “chronos” moments or time measured only in hours, minutes, seconds or a calendar measured only in years, months, weeks and days but “kairos” moments and events in which we have an interface or relationship as well as intervention from the One who is the lover of our souls- the mystery lover of the Song of Solomon who is none other than Jesus. The impact of our lives is measured by how much we overflow with spiritual fruit and gifts.
Prateep V Philip

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