Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Power of Positive Calling

UV 2773/10000 The Power of Positive Calling
(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.
Romans 4 v 17
Calling things that are not as if they are- this is the essence of faith. When Abraham and Sarah were childless couple, they were asked to call to themselves an heir, a son. When the Jewish people had no homeland, Moses was asked to call to themselves the promised land. Belief makes the impossible possible. The little faith that Abraham had was enough to revive the dead womb of Sarah and his own seed. We likewise need to exercise faith in the matters that seem to be dead or non existent or improbable, to call those things into existence by faith. When we exercise faith in this manner by positive calling, the resurrection power of God begins to work and though it may not be visible to our physical eyes or felt by our senses, the things that we called will be formed in eternity and delivered to us on earth. The Lord excels with hyperbole- a man who was childless was hailed as a father of many nations.
Jesus called the non existent wine into existence at the wedding feast in Canna. Jesus called the dead Lazarus back to life. Jesus called the lepers into wholeness, the blind into sight, the deaf into hearing, the fish into empty nets of His disciples. When Abraham called unto the Father in heaven, he changed his own destiny and the destiny of nations. When we call unto the Father in Jesus’ name, we are changing our own destiny and the destiny of nations. Jesus said that our tongues have the power of death and life. When we call negative things into our lives by knowingly or unknowingly limiting ourselves, blaming others, cursing others and self, the power of death is released. We should not give voice therefore to our negative thoughts, words , doubts or fears. When we call positive things or blessings into our lives and the lives of others, the power of eternal life is released.
Calling in faith implies that we ought to have an attitude of expectation that the Lord will do the impossible, that He rewards diligent and persistent faith, that He has already set things in motion towards the fulfilment of His promises, that His power at work in us is able to do far more than we can ask for, think of or even imagine. We should be prepared to be surprised for the answers to positive calling often exceeds our wildest dreams or imagination. Our prayers should be filled with hope, undergirded with faith, founded on our love relationship with the Lord, with a preamble of praise and a post script of thanksgiving and worship. Another way of calling in faith is agreeing with specific promises of the Lord in specific situations. We thank the Lord in anticipation not to twist His arm but knowing that even if He did not call into being that which we called for in faith, He has a reason not to do so. We respect His sovereignty, His will being supreme over our every wish and word.

Prateep V Philip

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