Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pattern of Training In Righteousness

UV 2840/10000 Pattern of Training in Righteousness
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness
2 Timothy 3 v 16
The default condition of the human being is unrighteousness. It cannot be taken for granted that a man can become righteous and stay righteous on his own strength. Human beings who are unrighteous cannot give training to fellow beings in righteousness. The inspiration or the source of training in righteousness is the Lord Himself. A believer is declared righteous in the sight of God not on account of his own character and deeds but by grace and on account of his faith in the finished as well as ongoing work of Christ on and off the cross. Once declared righteous by faith and grace, it then behoves us to take training in righteousness by imbibing all the counsel of God as written in scripture. Scripture is to be employed to turn it into our life scripts. Scripture directs and shapes our thoughts, our world view, our decisions, our actions and reactions, our speech, our desires and our emotions.
We are to be trained in righteousness of thoughts so that we take every thought captive to Christ. We are to be trained in righteousness of speech so that every word we speak passes through scriptural filters and comes out like pure silver. We are trained in righteousness of emotions so that our emotions of anger or joy or fear are subjected to the control and regulation of the Holy Spirit. We are trained in righteousness of decisions so that our motives and intentions of every action are measured against the Word and we take those decisions that pass muster of the scriptural standards.
Scripture has many uses for such training in righteousness. It can be used to warn us when we go wrong or fall short of the standards of Jesus, the standards of God. It can be used to teach us how to rectify things when we go wrong. Doctrinal truths in scripture act as a plumbline to check if our beliefs are in perfect alignment with the Lord and the revelations He has imparted to us. Scripture gives us a framework to clarify our values, to extract principles to guide our actions and reactions to life’s various situations. It disciplines us and helps us to become spiritually strong, balanced, mature and effective instruments or vessels of the Lord. It buoys us our hope in distressing or critical situations of life, guards us against the temptations and weaknesses of our bodies and minds. It is comprehensive, holistic, realistic and practical, impacting our whole lives positively. Scripture is the training material or Immanuel’s manual for man while the Lord is the ever present, ever leading, ever guiding, coaching, warning, equipping, empowering, enabling and helping trainer with us.
Prateep V Philip

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