Monday, November 13, 2017

The Pattern of Agreement

UV 2831/10000 The Pattern of Agreement
Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Amos 3 v 3

This uni-verse is as applicable to the relationship between God and an individual human being as between two individuals in a marriage. Man should agree to walk with God even as Enoch walked with God, even as Noah walked with God. Then, God will walk in us, with us, for us as He did with Abraham. Jesus showed us all the patterns of the Lord that we need to walk in harmony with. It is an agreement or alignment of thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, desires and decisions with the perfect will of the Lord. When we praise and worship the Lord, we are agreeing that He is both our Creator and Saviour and that He alone deserves all glory. When we pray, we are agreeing that He alone has compassion and grace to answer us in many of the issues of life. When we seek guidance, we are agreeing that He is the source of genuine wisdom and knowledge. When we confess our faults and failures, we are agreeing that He can forgive us and set us right with Him and others. The metaphor of walking is used as it is a step by step agreement with the Lord. Those of us who have been trained in the police and the army know that when we march, not one step can be a mis-step or out of sync with all others in the squad. When cattle are yoked together, too, they walk step by step in sync or in agreement with each other. This is what living in harmony with the Lord, living the purposeful life is all about. We should take care not to run ahead of the will of the Lord.

No one can be in relationship with another intelligent and sentient being except both of them agree in spirit that they walk together. Walking with the Lord implies that we need to agree to live in accordance with His ways and His word. When we take a mis-step or make a mistake, we fall for His ways and His word are the perfect template or pattern for us to follow I all our ways. He provides the solution or remedy even when we fall so that we can once again walk in agreement with Him by seeking His forgiveness.
For a marriage to be a blessing, to be fruitful, the husband and wife as well as the children need to first agree to “walk with the Lord” and then, to walk with each other. When disagreements or conflicts arise as these are bound to, we will know how to sort them out. When we walk with Him consistently and faithfully in agreement of spirit and of heart, He will lift us up in due time. He will be with us in our seasons of trial and tribulation to strengthen us from within. He will give us the grace or the enablement to endure. Just as our electronic devices need to sync to the wifi to play or view or work, our spirits need to be in sync with the Holy Spirit at all times. We will hear a voice, a whisper behind our ears, feel a prodding, a prompting to do a certain thing at a particular time. If we obey that bidding of the Spirit of God, we are walking together with Him. We should be able to discern if it is the voice of our own lusts or pride, or of the world, or of the enemy of our souls and decline to agree with any of these voices. When we know His word well enough, we will be able to distinguish the voices we hear and learn to abide by His voice.
Prateep V Philip

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