Friday, January 12, 2018

Dealing with Opposition

UV 2883/10000 Dealing with Opposition
When mine enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at thy presence.
Psalm 9 v 3
Believers in Christ attract opposition, enemies, persecutors like fire attracts flies, honey attracts ants. We are hated just because of the One we believe in, what we believe in and stand for. The enemy of our souls will turn people even in our inner circle against us even as he turned Judas against Jesus. But we must be thankful for such opposition. We must be tolerant of such opposition. We should rest assured that our enemies will melt like wax in the presence of the Lord. We are not to retaliate in kind or in the same manner they attack us or accuse us. We are to leave them in the hands of God who is a righteous and just judge against whose judgement, decree, actions there is no appeal. That is why it is written in scripture that it is a deadly thing to fall into the hands of the Lord.
We are not only to be tolerant of our enemies and thankful for them but enjoy the challenge they pose to us. These challenges build our inner strength and endurance. But the Lord will not allow us to be tested beyond our strength to endure. He will surely deliver us and break through any barriers, nullify any weapons they aim at us. They will be turned back and scattered like the wind drives away smoke. The Lord will act powerfully on our behalf to redeem us from their conspiracies and plots. We are neither to be surprised, discouraged or disappointed at being surrounded by enemies in the flesh. God allowed a powerful Pharaoh and his army to rise against Moses and the Hebrew people in order to reveal His might, mercy, power, glory and grace. Every move of the enemy against His people only led to their defeat and destruction. The Hebrew slaves were given the promise that they would never see their Egyptian oppressors any more.
Jesus is either a stumbling stone, a stone that causes our enemies to stumble and fall on their own weight, at their own hands, into the very pit that they have dug or a climbing stone on which we can climb to safety and rescue. He is the Rock of our refuge and our escape. We ourselves should be gracious and forgiving when our foes approach us out of contrition. We heap coals of fire or judgement when we are kind and merciful to our enemies. The latter may draw satisfaction that they have thwarted our progress or plans but the Lord will surprise them by vindicating us with the end result. Our faith will increase, our love for the Lord will deepen as we experience His deliverance even as it caused David to rejoice and praise the Lord at his many battles, struggles and victories over innumerable foes including some from his own people and household.
Prateep V Philip

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