Saturday, February 3, 2018


UV 2898/10000 AMC
The sorrows of death compassed me, and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid.
Psalms 18 v 4
A classmate and friend of mine passed away suddenly and the sorrow of his death surrounded the chatter of my school group on social media for the past couple of days ever since we heard the news. That reminded me through this uni-verse that we all live our physical lives till our warranty period expires either a short one or the biblical lifespan of seven decades or by reason of strength and God’s grace beyond eight decades. But scripture promises in Psalm 91 that “He will satisfy you with long life and after that show you eternal life” in Christ or through the Word.
In the last couple of days, I also attended while being so surrounded by sorrow at a friend’s death, the joyous celebration of the golden jubilee of a man of God, a pastor friend. His family and friends were so grateful to the Lord for his life and prayed for his continued blessing. While felicitating him, I mentioned that in fifty short years, he had actually been a blessing for many in different ways through all of the 600 months, 2609 weeks, 18263 days, 438312 hours, 26298720 minutes and 1,577,923,200 or 1.5 billion plus seconds he had lived that far. I emphasize that all of us while we are living have an opportunity each day and indeed, each minute to get an extension of our warranty period which no man knows when it ends, to either get an AMC or aggregate maintenance covenant with Jesus or an opportunity to renew it. Then neither the sorrows of death nor the sorrows of hell that the next verse speaks of will surround us. We are ready to meet our Maker at any time on His terms- the terms of His covenants-old and new.
Getting into an aggregate maintenance covenant with Jesus is no guarantee of not facing issues, problems, challenges, failures, crises in our lives but it does guarantee us the comfort, the security, the strength, the infinite love, the eternal wisdom of Jesus, the confidence, the hope of emerging from life a winner. The clauses and conditions of this covenant lie all across the scriptures, guaranteed by the Lord and with no deadline or terminal clause, without cost or fee to be paid. Have you got your AMC or have you renewed it today, right now for today, nay now is the day and hour of salvation.

Prateep V Philip

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