Friday, February 9, 2018

Spiritual Authority to Build and to Pull Down

UV 2901/10000 Spiritual Authority to Build and to Pull Down
See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.
Jeremiah 1 v 10
Power is double edged. It can be creative or destructive, helpful or harmful, enabling or neutralising. The Lord has given us the power and authority over nations, to be both builders and levellers, to pull down strongholds of evil with spiritual weapons, with His word and prayer and to establish the kingdom of God, to build it, to plant it in human hearts, to nurture it, to cause it to grow to fullness, maturity and fruitfulness. Our weapons are not of the flesh or of this world but are ordained of the Lord, proceeds from His mouth and no force on earth can counter or overcome it. Believers in Christ, then are called to play a dual role – to uproot, to eradicate evil, to cause change and reform, to restructure, to innovate, to improve, to re-build the ruins as well as to build what is new. Our prayers and our wielding of the Word in the spirit causes huge upheavals in the spiritual world, reflected by changes and events in the physical world.
This uni-verse is a key verse to show us the importance and global reach of our spiritual influence and authority as leaders anointed by Christ with the Holy Spirit. We have the awesome authority that allowed Jesus to cause a fig tree to wither from its roots upwards. Our mere command with faith can cause many roots to wither. We can do the reverse too –of planting the spiritual seed in many hearts and minds. Changes for the better in different domains are presaged by much labour in the spirit and in prayer. The kingdoms referred to in the uni-verse are the kingdoms of darkness over which we can exercise spiritual authority. We cannot tear any of these with our bare hands or with physical power but by our faithful exercise of godly authority in Christ, we can bring about effective results.
The spiritual entities responsible for the kingdoms of darkness are subject to our authority and commands. But before we engage in such spiritual warfare, we should take care to wear the full armour of God, take care to see that we are producing all of the fruit of the spirit, take care to see that we are employing all the gifts of the Spirit given to us. The Lord uses His people to bring down or level mountains and to raise up what is lowly or depressed like the valleys. The process of building and pulling down is not a one time event but an ongoing lifelong process. We need to first of all cast down or overthrow all that hinders our own personal spiritual progress. Then we can set sights on different threats and targets in different domains in many nations. In all this we are fulfilling our calling as priests and kings of the Most High; kings wage war to extend their dominion, to preserve their dominion and deal with threats, priests pray, intercede, worship, thank the Lord. This is part of our high calling, it is food meant for the mature and not for the very young or new believers. It requires us to be rooted in the Lord, in His word, fully covered by His presence and spirit-filled.
Prateep V Philip

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