Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Ecstasy of the Overflow

UV 1654/1000 The Ecstasy Of the Overflow
If the LORD delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land which floweth with milk and honey.
Numbers 14 v 8
We have a choice in this world to live a lie believing in the goodness of richess, power, pleasure and beauty or to live the abundant life believing in the ineffable goodness and love of God. We are not given a glass that is half full or half empty with the milk of His goodness but with an overflow, an abundance of blessings and the ecstasy of fellowship with Him. “Milk and honey” are a metaphor for the smooth flow of life (as of milk) in normal times and the thick, concentrated, viscous flow ( as of honey) in unusual times. When we delight in the Lord’s word and His ways, He will delight in us. He will not withhold any good thing from those He delights in. He will lead us day by day and enable us to enter a land flowing with the pure milk of God’s Word and the honey of His promises. Many people are not able to seize the opportunity as they give priority in their hearts to silk and money instead of the milk of God’s word that could have nourished their faith and the honey of His promises that are able to give them a foretaste of God’s goodness.
A man who is righteous by faith will suffer no want. He will not go hungry to bed. He will be clothed with the clothes of salvation. He will be lifted up on earth in his influence and impact. The Lord delights in anyone who fears Him and therefore, refrains from evil and rebellion. He delights in anyone who places his hope in His Word and obeys it. He will deliver him from his powerful enemies and from the time of trouble.
The “land” is a metaphor for the kingdom or rule and reign of God. The Lord will gather those He delights in as a man gathers his treasure and brings them into a spacious place. He will plant them assuredly and securely in the land so that no one can uproot them. He will do good to them with all His heart and soul. He will do the impossible with such a person. He will do the impossible for such a person such that eye has not seen nor ear heard nor entered into our imagination. He will cause our hearts to rejoice again and again, to overflow. The person who delights in the Lord is one who is obsessed with Him. The one who is obsessed with the Lord will possess the land. He saturates his mind with the Word and imitates his ways. The Lord will enable him to live a life beyond his wildest dreams. He will cause such a person to go from strength to strength.
Prateep V Philip

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