Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Fight For the Right

UV 1652/10000 The Fight for Right
The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.
Exodus 14 v 14
We need to just turn our worries into worship and the Lord will turn our battles into blessings and testimonies. He promises to fight for us. He is called a “ a man of war”, a Lord of the armies of heavens with chariots of fire that He sends to the aid of believers. We need to hold our peace or hold onto the peace of Jesus in all our circumstances. We just need to remain still and we will certainly experience the salvation of the Lord and behold His glory and power. We hold onto our peace when we calm ourselves and rid ourselves of our fears of threats –real, potential and imagined. Faith is the antidote for all our fears. We should not be overawed by the size of our opposition, the number and power or influence of our rivals. Faith is a strength or force multiplier.
The Lord promises to sift our foes and enemies as in a sieve. We need not loose a wink of sleep over it. We might have giants rising up against us but the Lord will deliver us from all of them as He delivered David from the mighty Goliath. We only need to lean on Him for strength and be guided by His light. We need to face the fight for the right in the light of His Word. The Lord promises to cast down the chariots and the rider of the horse. It implies that He will neutralise an array of forces against us in the spiritual realm. A horse has strength equal to ten times that of a strong man. A chariot has the power and momentum of hundred times that of a strong man. What He demonstrated in Egypt to the mighty war chariots of Pharaoh and his horses, that He is willing and able to do to this day.
Being still implies that we interrupt our pattern of worrying about things in our lives. We should stop fretting and turn it into constant prayers of faith. We need to find our assurance and confidence in the promises in His Word. We only need to take battle position by holding the javelin of the Word in our minds and hearts, making our thoughts, beliefs and words to coincide. We will then enjoy undisturbed and uninterrupted peace and joy. Faith implies that our attitudes change or precede the change in the circumstances that we are hoping and praying for. Resting on the Lord means that we depend on the Lord for our strategies and plans. In quietness and our confidence in the Lord is our strength. We need not be fearful or lift a finger or our tongue in our defence but the Lord will do the needful. When we truly believe we will enjoy the peace that surpasses our human understanding but not our human experience or perception.
Prateep V Philip

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  1. And the Lord also says, You need not be vindicative: for I will avenge for you. A young blood will like this verse until reaching the level of paradigm shift.