Saturday, March 5, 2016

Comprehensive and Deep Trust

UV 1691/10000 Comprehensive and Deep Trust
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding
Proverbs 3 v 5

Whom we love we trust. Trust is a practical outflow of love. We need to trust in the Lord with ALL our heart since we love Him with all our hearts. We may give our energy, money, time and attention to a host of things but we need to give our whole heart to the Lord. The concept of God being a Jealous God implies that we need to believe in Him wholeheartedly or without holding back on anything, without any reservation. We often are tempted to think we are smarter or wiser and rely on our own understanding of things. This messes up things for us and then we blame the Lord. We should rely entirely on the wisdom, guidance and precepts that the Lord has given us in His Word and the promptings and urgings of the Holy Spirit who indwells in us.

We not only need to trust wholeheartedly but we need to acknowledge Him in all our ways. It implies that we need to realize that the Lord has greater and complete knowledge of every area of our lives. We need to accept His sovereignty and our dependence on His grace and wisdom in all our ways and not in just some of our ways: our inner life, our thought life, our private life, our professional life, our family life, our marriage, our parenting, our fitness plans, our diet, our finances, our relationships, our network, our decisions, our emotional issues, our goals and desires, our secrets, our challenges, our problems, our difficulties, our fears, our frustrations, our anguish, our doubts, our questions.. We demonstrate our trust when we pray over each of these areas of our lives. We prove our trust when we act on the promise of the Lord in each of these areas. We show our discipline when we obey the Lord’s commands or directives in each of these areas.

In practice, we rely partly on the Lord’s wisdom and partly on our own. We adjust our views to suit the views of our peer group. The uni-verse upholds to us the kind of trust that Daniel and his three friends demonstrated in their lives. They trusted the Lord for their health, their dietary preferences, their lifestyle, their deliverance, for revelation of dreams and their meaning. They trusted the Lord to the point of confronting death and danger. They acted on their convictions and took bold risks. They came out victorious and unscathed.

Prateep V Philip

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