Monday, March 21, 2016


UV 1705/10000 Convergence
And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.
Matthew 17 v 3

The experience of transfiguration was an evidence of the divinity of Jesus. Moses, the greatest of the persons under the Old Covenant along with Elijah, the prophet appeared and talked with Jesus. It was a kind of heavenly consultation between Jesus and the two Old Testament greats. How did the three disciples recognize that it was Moses and Elijah? The Holy Spirit made it known to them. The appearance of Moses and Elijah is to signify that Jesus is the greatest of persons born on earth, that He was about to perform the greatest mission anyone would ever attempt- to save the souls of mankind from eternal damnation, that all shall be able to live forever. It was a convergence of the formative past, the immediate present and the potential future in one moment of eternity. It was a convergence of the righteousness of law represented by Moses, the edification by prophecy represented by Elijah and the grace of Jesus, the Messiah. The struggles that Moses went through to shepherd the enslaved people of Israel to freedom and the struggles that Elijah had with an evil king, his wicked queen Jezebel, the prophets of Baal and the fickle minded people of Israel were going to pale by comparison with the struggles that Jesus was about to undertake soon after this experience of transfiguration. The struggles of Moses were like the birth pangs of a nation. The struggles of Jesus on the cross were the birth pangs of humanity and new creation made possible by that sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. His body was to be sown as the seed of the tree of everlasting life that the Father had removed from the Garden of Eden.

Before we experience unusual events, we too are often sent unusual signs. The appearance of Moses and Elijah were a sign that the law and the prophecies were both going to be fulfilled in the mission of Jesus on earth. It was a climactic moment in the spiritual history of the world when the ancient law giver Moses and the fiery prophet Elijah who went up in a chariot of fire appeared to encourage the Son of God. It was almost like telling Him, “ Keep going: You are on the last lap to victory, the final but most difficult steps.” The birth of Jesus was heralded by angels and shepherds. But the death and resurrection of Jesus was to be heralded not by angels but by the dead heroes of Israel Moses and Elijah as an indication that Jesus too like them would wake up from the sleep of death. His transfiguration where His face shone like the sun and His clothes were shining white was an indication of His future glory in the heavenly realms. It was a foretaste of His eternal glory, leadership and dominion.

Peter sought to build three tabernacles for Jesus, Moses and Elijah, not knowing that one for Jesus alone is sufficient for Moses and Elijah had come to serve Jesus. They had been sent by the Father to communicate a message: “ You will drink the cup of suffering but it shall pass away like the darkness of night passes away with the sunrise.” All our greatest troubles, suffering and afflictions too will pass away like darkness before the shining face of the Lord that surpasses the glory of the sun or anything else He willed into existence. Our bodies, our work and our lives are the tabernacle we are making to honour Jesus, a foretaste of the mansion He builds for us in heaven.

Prateep V Philip

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