Saturday, March 12, 2016

Whose Am I?

UV 1696/10000 Whose Am I?
For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve
Act 27 v23

Who we are is determined by whose we are. To whom do we belong? We belong to Him from whom we came. We belong to Him whom we serve. We belong to Him by whom we live. We belong to Him who saved us and saves us in every storm of life. Our identity is derived from the Person to whom we belong who is far greater, most gracious and loving. It is not derived from a man- made religion or ideology like communism, capitalism or socialism. These are often the figment of the imagination or reasoning of one or more men who are just as weak and vulnerable as any of us. Our calling to serve is given by the Person to whom we belong. Our confidence and security is derived from the Person to whom we belong. He is the source of our power. He is the source of our very lives.

Paul was unperturbed by the threat of shipwreck as the Lord to whom he belonged had sent a messenger, an angel to re-assure him. Very often when we face threats and dangers in our lives, the Lord sends His angels. We can even ask for His angels to be deployed around us, our transport, our homes, our family and children. He watches over our coming and going, our lying down and our sitting up. The more we know the One we belong to, the more secure, fearless and confident we become. The more we are able to serve Him with all our hearts. Paul was able to assure not only himself but the entire people on the ship including his Roman captors of their security. He assured them that not a hair on their heads would be lost. Paul was given wisdom in the crisis to guide the captain of the ship at every point when they were puzzled and bewildered. He was as unflappable as Jesus who slept in peace even as the boat in the Sea of Galilee was rocked and his disciples panicked. From whom we derive our identity defines us and refines our reactions to all that life can throw at us. We can afford to be calm and composed in the worst of situations.

In modern day cloud computing, the cloud can only give us any time access to more storage of data. But the cloud of the presence of the Lord gives us access to any time protection, preservation, promotion, provision and enablement. The password or “passperson” to access the cloud of the Lord is Jesus. The means to access are the Word, prayer and faith in action. We derive not only our identity and blessings from the Lord but our purpose, meaning, wisdom and power to act and react from Him. Paul was staring at death in its face but he was nonplussed as he knew that the Lord of life and death was with him and in him. He could either ride through the storm or meet with Jesus face to face. But he also knew that his time of departing from this life had not come.

Prateep V Philip

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