Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our Life Rocks

UV 2056/10000 Our Life Rocks
He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings
Psam 40 v 2

A life without the Lord is truly like a horrible pit. Without Him at our side and inside us, we would always have a sinking feeling, a feeling of insecurity of being drawn deeper and deeper into a quagmire, a quicksand pit where every effort to get out only drags us deeper into it. We have this feeling since all else is vain in the absence of the Lord. He is the rock that is higher than any man. He gives us a secure base or foundation on which to stand and to build our lives. Instead of being surrounded on all sides by the mud walls of a pit, we would have the tabernacle of the Lord to encompass us. Instead of sorrow, pain and desperation of this world, we will enjoy peace, joy and the strength of the Lord. Once we are redeemed by the Lord, we are blessed and our feet are blessed. Our lives become His responsibility.

Living a life without purpose, meaning and power is like living in a pit, swamped as we will be by the bellows of misfortune, calamity and fate. It is like the experience of Joseph. He was consigned to a pit as a prisoner by his brothers out of extreme jealousy. His father’s love could not protect him but it became the cause of his apparent downfall. But as he believed that the Lord is the dream-giver and dream-fulfiller, he clung onto the Lord for help, he clung onto the promises of the Lord, he clung onto the dreams he was given from above. In a series of apparent coincidences, the Lord proved to be his strong deliverer from the pit, from slavery, from death, from bondage in prison and fulfilled the dreams he was gifted as a callow youth. He established Joseph as the “right hand” of a foreign power, the Pharaoh. He established his “goings”.

Inside a pit, there is a lot of miry clay or dust and dirt. Inside a pit, there is limited scope for movement, limited light and limited access to food and water. Jesus is called the Rock or the strongest person of all history and of all mankind as He endured the utmost pain, suffering and torture and overcame death that all mankind are subject to Once we are drawn out by our faith in Jesus, the Rock of our faith, , we have access to plenty of light of the truth, the water of eternal life, plenty of food of the Word and the freedom to move in the direction the Lord indicates to us. Jesus is the Rock of our salvation, the Rock of our Escape, the Rock of our victory, the Rock of our provision, the Rock of our Strength, the Rock of our Security. He is the rock that is not cut with human hands that Daniel prophesied would fill the whole earth. So much so, all the mountain ranges and peaks like Mount Everest are dwarfed in strength and comparison with Jesus. Even Mount Everest has declined in height by a few measures over the millennia but Jesus never diminishes in stature or power or majesty or sovereignty. The cross is the means by which we are drawn out of the miry pit. It is our bridge to eternal life, the bridge to continual fellowship with the Lord, the source of all our blessings and benefits. Now our life truly rocks! Our miry past of captivity to sin is forgiven and forgotten, our present and future are blessed and our eternity is guaranteed. He has set our feet on an even path so that we no longer stumble or fall into a pit. Nothing can shake us. Now, we have stability as well as the ability to progress towards Him.

Prateep V Philip

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