Friday, August 12, 2016

The Sheep People

UV 2038/10000 The Sheep People
And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

Matthew 25 v 33

The Lord divides all people into the “sheep people” and the “ goat people.” The sheep have the quality of believing, listening and following the shepherd wherever he leads. The sheep are content on feeding on the pasture the shepherd leads them to and to drink of the pond to which he leads them. The goats tend to wander from one place to another, eating on foraging on wild plants and whatever they can find. The sheep recognize the voice of their master. Their relationship is marked by trust and belief while the goats do not trust anybody and follow their own whims and desires. The goat people revel in their own strength and power. The goat people indulge in violence and schemes to achieve their goals by any means. All persons start life as goat people but can end up as sheep people.

The sheep are gentle, meek and obedient creatures. Likewise, we are taught by Jesus to be gentle, humble and obedient to the Lord. The sheep yield themselves fully to the will of the shepherd even as they allow the wool off their backs to be sheared at the time of the shepherd’s choosing. They do not steer to the right or to the left but remain on the path the shepherd indicates. We too are to follow the teachings of Jesus and not be attracted or distracted by every new fangled man-made doctrine. The sheep welcome the presence of the shepherd and are quite reassured that he is near. They do not fear the attack of foxes or wolves as long as they know the shepherd is standing guard over them.

The sheep do not compete with each. They do not jostle one another on the mountain paths or in the pastures where they feed. They know that there is enough for them to feed on. Jesus portrayed Himself as the Good Shepherd, the One who gave Himself as a sacrifice for the sheep that they live forever. He is the Good Shepherd who went after one lost sheep that got caught in the bushes. Indeed, He helps to disentangle us when we get caught in the ways of the world. The sheep are the chosen ones of God- the ones who hear His voice, follow and obey Him. Unlike the shepherds of this world, Jesus knows His every sheep by name. The sheep know that on the day of reckoning they will be rewarded and find themselves on the right hand of the Lord for as the Psalmist King David and former shepherd says,” There are pleasures forevermore at the right hand of the Lord. “

Prateep V Philip

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