Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mansions in Heaven

UV 2286/10000 Mansions in Heaven
In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
John 14 v 2

A vision of heaven has propelled many persons and many fictional writers have described heaven as a kind of magical Shangrila. Indeed, there are many comparisons between heaven and earth as well as hell and earth. There is no temple in heaven but there is worship on every one's lips and hearts. Praise and worship, musical instruments and singing are found both on earth and in heaven. Where the presence of God is, that is the kingdom of God both in heaven and earth. Obedience is required whether in heaven or on earth. In heaven, there is neither disease nor affliction of any kind. There are no cause for tears. When we live healthy lives without affliction, we are partaking of heavenly life. The source of light on earth is the sun while the source of light in heaven are God and Jesus. There is both day and night on earth while in heaven there is no night or darkness. When we walk in the light of the word of Jesus, we are living by the illumination of heaven. There are joys on earth like nature’s beauty, the laughter and love of children, the kindness of some, the blessing of the Lord in terms of peace or Shalom but the joys in heaven are magnified and undiluted.

There are solid houses or mansions on earth as well as in heaven. The houses on earth are made of brick or burnt earth while the houses in heaven are made of precious stones and precious metals. There are walls and guarded gates in heaven as on earth but the walls of heaven are open but guarded by angels. The pavements of heaven are made of gold while men kill each other for gold on earth. There are green pastures, valleys and still waters of crystal clarity in heaven even as these are found in some places on earth. There is no violence, corruption or power struggle in heaven unlike the earth.

There are lot of longings in every human heart on earth but in heaven all longings are satisfied. The city and the houses are built by human hands on earth and do not last the ages but the city and the houses are built by the Lord Himself. Jesus’s occupation on earth was not by chance that of a carpenter or builder of houses of those times for He is the builder and preparer of our homes in heaven. He crafts each house uniquely and differently according to the life of faith lived by His follower. Each of us in response to this faith fact needs only to prepare one thing for Jesus during our sojourn on earth for Jesus and with His help- our hearts. The concept and reality of reward and punishment that exists on earth side by side find their eternal reflection in heaven and earth. The separation from the creator God and the Redeemer Jesus is temporary on earth and is reversible but the separation from the creator God and the Redeemer in hell is eternal and irreversible.

Prateep V Philip

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