Friday, June 30, 2017

The Burden of Kings

UV 2305/10000 The Burden of Kings
Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.
Psalm 2 v 10
Persons in authority and wielding power need to acknowledge and fear the Lord. This will teach them wisdom, how to behave humbly, how to decide wisely and to act justly. Likewise, those who are given the authority to judge between truth and untruth, between right and wrong need to act on the instruction of the Lord. The kings of Israel who had fear of the Lord and acted wisely were blessed and honoured while those who were unmindful of God, arrogant, wicked and proud met with a terrible fate or were dishonoured. Truth and justice are the salt of the earth that makes life worthy, tasteful and meaningful. These things comes naturally to those who have a good connect with the Lord.
When people wield power, authority and influence, they become quite vulnerable to misusing it. Their personal prejudices and weaknesses come to the forefront. But power in the hands of a believer does not corrupt him. It ennobles him and enables him to attempt to do the will of God on earth. He becomes a viceroy of the Lord on earth, the extension of the kingdom of righteousness. Intellectual, moral and spiritual honesty are the hallmarks of such a person. He does not allow power to go to his head and intoxicate him. Though like a king in his realm or domain, he regards himself as a servant of God to do His bidding. He knows that if he offends the Lord even in his thoughts as Nebuchadnezzar did or in his actions as Belshazzar did in the time of Daniel, he could be removed overnight.
The longevity, the continuity, the quality and legacy of a person in power, authority and responsibility are dependent on the favour or grace of the Lord. We need to acknowledge at every turn the Son of God as the King of Kings or the ruler of our hearts and minds, the ruler of our relationships, the ruler of our past, present and future, the ruler of our destiny, our eternal ruler. Then, we will not perish due to our pride or folly or wickedness but flourish by grace. We will realize that we are succeeding or winning not due to any personal attributes or talents or abilities but purely by the grace and mercy of the Lord.

Prateep V Philip

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