Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Infinite Source of Strength

UV 2297/10000 The Source of Strength
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me
Philippians 4 v 13

Christ took all our little positives and negatives and turned it into one big positive – the cross of Christ. Unlike the monstrous and cruel physical weapon of death that Jesus Himself was compelled to carry, the cross of Christ is a wonderful spiritual weapon or means of redemption to equip us, strengthen us, transform us. The spiritual cross cancels all our past errors, mistakes, blunders, weaknesses and and turns these into sources of wisdom and strength. We do not have to punish ourselves out of the burden of a guilty conscience. It transformed the conniving, conspiring murderer and persecutor Saul into the compassionate determined apostle Paul.

Paul, therefore after his transformation could state that he could do all things in varying situations of his life: enjoy abundance, survive scarcity, practice contentment, endure suffering. In other words, we can do all things positive, good, healthy, wholesome, useful and enhancing and we can avoid or overcome all things negative, unhealthy, destructive. On our own we cannot overcome our inner weaknesses but by the grace of Jesus, we can. On our own, our lives are vain but when we live in Christ, for Christ and with Christ, our lives are both meaningful, powerful and impactful.

Christ strengthens us with His example, His indwelling spirit, His word, His followers, His encouragement. He teaches us to overcome the world and its temptations and sufferings even as He overcame the world. We can fulfil our purpose in life and be filled with the power to work towards that goal. The corollary is that we can do nothing without Christ. In Christ, we enjoy the infinite riches of His glory and grace. In practical terms, it means that our abilities, circumstances, our opposing forces and persons, our resources do not set any limits on what we can do and cannot do. Nothing is too difficult or impossible for us. Infinite strength is not meant to lead the ordinary life but to attempt the impossible and to accomplish the difficult.

Prateep V Philip

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