Sunday, July 23, 2017

Living in Full Favour

UV 2728/10000 Living in Full Favour
Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD
Ezekiel 39 v 29

The Lord hid His face from man since the time he first sinned. He revealed Himself from time to time through His servants, the prophets and His Word. But the full revelation of His face came in and through His Son Jesus, sent to His people Israel. But since the house of Israel rejected Jesus, the gospel spread across the globe to all nations. Today, the time has come when the Lord will pour out His spirit of grace and supplications on Israel so that the Jews will recognize what their forefathers had done in crucifying Jesus, the Messiah. They will mourn for Him as if for their own first born.
We need to pray that the revelation and conviction of the people of Israel happens in the Lord’s time. It is the ultimate blessing of Zion upon the Jewish people. Jesus spoke of tearing down the temple of Solomon as He wanted the Jews to understand that the Lord will not dwell in a man-made temple but in the bodies of people consecrated in His name to the Lord. Even the prophet Elijah could not perceive the face of the Lord in His encounter with Him on the mountains. Moses however spoke face to face with Jehovah. It did not mean that Moses saw the face of the Lord but that he was covered by the shekinah or supernatural grace and glory of the Lord. When the people of Israel recognize their king and Messiah in Jesus, they would have an even closer relationship with the Lord. Their struggles with God would end and they would truly be the people of Zion.

Jacob, who was given the name Israel by Jehovah tried to get ahead of his brother Esau from the time of his birth. He tried to deceive his brother and had to flee from his home. Jacob struggled with the Lord when all He had to do was to yield to Him. When we are only to remain still and yield, we wrestle with the Lord. Most of our struggles in life are due to our resistance to the spirit of the Lord. We try to get ahead in life by sleight, by deception, by distrusting the will of the Lord and try to take matters into our own hands. We trust our own limited knowledge and wisdom and distrust the complete knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. These are the times when the Lord hides His face from us. If we surrender to His will in trusting submission, we would be spared of much of the pain, trouble, stress and strain. The Lord will reveal His face to us in the sense, we will understand our purpose in life. We will be content to walk in accordance with the plan of the Lord for us. We will not try to get ahead by hook or by crook. Revealing His face to us is showing favour upon our lives. The ultimate sign of His favour is pouring His spirit upon us, the spirit of gentleness, wisdom, grace and power.
Prateep V Philip

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