Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Supreme Choice

UV 2309/10000 Supreme Choice
Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse;
Deuteronomy 11 v 26
Every day we have a choice before us to make it a blessing or a curse. God does not curse, He only blesses. Absence of light is the darkness that limits, confounds and confines us. His presence is blessing. His absence is curse. A blessing expands, multiplies, magnifies us. A curse limits, weakens, divides us. We are blessed if we cling to the Lord, cleave or inextricably mingled in our thoughts, words and decision-actions as well as feeling-reactions with the Word or the commandments of the Lord. We are blessed as we read, meditate, do the commandments of the Lord, believe His promises and His character, willingness to act on our behalf, trust in the salvation He provides in Jesus and in His might and grace. We choose a curse when we disregard His word, His salvation, His commandments and His promises and disbelieve His character. It is therefore, within each man’s reach to be blessed.

The same word of God when ignored and disrespected becomes the book of the law that condemns us before God, a stumbling block on which we fall and get cut. It also contains the promise of the Spirit which when believed in faith becomes the source of freedom, wisdom and blessing. It becomes Jacob’s ladder- a metaphor for the two way personal communication between the Lord and us. Even though the choice of blessing is apparently the better and greater one, why is it so few or fewer choose it? Why is it the default mode of human beings to choose darkness, to choose to be cursed? The answer lies in the lack of faith or the inability to perceive the invisible, immortal, eternal, sovereign God who rules over all things.
The path of blessing is the road less travelled. It is not as if that if one day we have chosen the path of blessing, the next day automatically we would be travelling on the same. Our decisions and choices every day affect the path we choose. Our relationship and communication every day with the Lord matters. We need to cleave to Him for dear life for He is both life in all its abundance and eternal. Nothing in life and no one compares with Him. We do not see Him but we experience and sense His presence. We enjoy His love that the word describes and offers. His love is the light that blesses us in both the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of life. Once we make the supreme choice set before us every day of our lives, all other lesser choices will fall in place. The light we receive from our faith will illuminate our paths. Any other choice might even have the appearance of light but we would find at the end of the day that we have been deceived.

Prateep V Philip

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