Sunday, July 9, 2017

Well Doing-the Key to Well Being

UV 2313/10000 Well Doing-The Key to Well Being
To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:
Romans 2 v 7

Patience and persistence in “well doing” is the key to our well being. The hope of an abounding reward is the motivation of the faith worker. Even St Paul had his eye fixed on the incorruptible crown of glory that Jesus would place on his head as he finished running the good race and touched the finishing line. That hope gave him strength to endure all types of suffering for he knew that all the suffering in our lifetime is far outweighed by the glorious reward that awaits us in heaven.
The believer in Jesus seeks glory, honour, immortality and eternal life in Christ. Christ in us is the hope of salvation as well as glory. Whatever events overtake him, it is that hope that sustains him and makes him surge forward from moment to moment, day to day. We need to wait for the Lord patiently, work patiently in doing all the good we can in every way we can and trust in Him. As we wait for Him patiently, diligently doing the work entrusted to us, as we seek Him in our daily walk, we will have “Jesus moments”, moments when we are inspired by His presence, His word and His spirit. We will be strengthened in our inner man by His touch. The parts of our lives that are weak will be strengthened, the parts that are crooked will be straightened.

Our goals and priorities reflect our values. When we seek the Lord and His will in all that we do, we are on the path of glory, immortality, honour and eternal life. Every step takes us closer. Christ in us causes us to excel and shine for Him in this world of darkness. Like the farmer who is patient after planting the seed and waits for the harvest after many months of hard labour of ploughing, watering, fencing, trimming and transplanting, we need to be busy with the processes of well doing, expecting that it will bring forth good to great crop or fruit fit to serve the King. If we endure to the very end, our last breath of life on this earth, He will receive us with a smile and the words, “ Well done, you good and faithful servant.”

Prateep V Philip

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