Sunday, March 3, 2013

Talent Management

UV 682/10,000 Talent Management “His master replied, “ Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness.” Matthew 25 v 21 A talent is a special mental capacity or a skill or a gift that God has invested in human beings alone of all species. The children of God are given some special gifts to equip them for ministry or service. Daniel was given the talent of administration and the spiritual gift of the interpretation of dreams.. Joseph similarly was given the talent of the interpretation of dreams. St Paul was given the ability to write powerfully and effectively. Moses was given the gift of leadership. As people of faith we must not treat these gifts lightly but exert ourselves to use them for the glory of God and for the service of people. Many people in today’s world use talents for their own glory and get recognized as icons. The very word “icon” means “I con- myself and others.” They gloat in the glory and fame they receive. But they only flatter to deceive as sooner or later, they will fall from their pedestals in some controversy or exposure: take the case of many sports icons like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong or many movie stars or leaders like Bill Clinton. We ourselves are only pedestals for the Lord. We must try to become in the course of our lives a tall pedestal to carry the Name of the lord, implying increase in our influence for the sake of the Lord. In the parable of talents, the Lord sets out an example of good and bad talent management. One servant buries his talent with his negative attitude, his sloth and indifference. The other two use their talents and multiplies these talents, knowing full well that they have to give a good account of themselves as stewards of not only the resources they are given but the talents placed with trust inside them. Multiplication of talents means putting our God given gifts and capacity to the maximum limit possible in the course of every day and over a life time, availing every opportunity. We are called to redeem or save time and use opportunities. The two go hand in hand like a man’s legs move one ahead and one behind each other to take one in the direction he or she should go. The maximum number of people we serve with our talents, the greater is our faithfulness. If we are given the gift of communication, we must use it to bring eternal meaning, hope and purpose into the maximum number of lives. The Lord has told me often after I started writing and sharing the uni-verse series, “ I am pleased with you. You are analyzing and sharing my Word from coast to coast and nation to nation.” But, we must not get complacent at any point and being filled with a divine discontentment, seek to expand our influence much more. At present the Uni-verse is read by a few hundred people in some ten nations but my plan to multiply the talents would mean it should reach over time millions in almost every nation of the world. We must earn the commendation of the Lord not the praise of men. When we utilize our God –gifted abilities to the maximum extent for the good of all and not just for our self gratification or aggrandizement, the Lord gives us the epithet-“ good.” When we use it for the extension of faith or the extension of the kingdom or reign of God in the lives of men, He calls us faithful. When we use it without a sense of egoism or selfishness, he calls us servants. When we use it for our own pleasure and purpose, He will call us “ half-baked.” When we use it also for the good of others, He calls us “ Well done.” When we prove ourselves faithful in the earthly responsibilities given to us, He will give us greater responsibilities as rulers in the Kingdom of God. However, the greatest reward is sharing in the Master’s happiness. Listen to this beautiful song, and live the song: Talent Management - a visual Prateep V Philip

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