Monday, March 4, 2013

The Uni-verse

UV 683/10,000 The Uni-verse “ Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” Matthew 24 v 35 This simple sentence is one of the most incredible and mind-boggling statements made by Jesus. We consider the universe and earth as stable and permanent. But,the universe, the earth and all in it and on it will pass away for certain but His uni-verse or His Word will endure forever. The universe has an expiry date while the uni-verse has no expiry date. The stars and heavenly bodies and the hills and mountains will be folded up like a scroll but the Word of Christ will outlast all natural phenomena. The Word pre-existed the universe and will continue long after the universe ceases. It contains the moral and spiritual laws of the universe that are the eternal law of the Kingdom of God. Understanding this precept will enable us to re-focus and prioritize our lives. The covenant of peace, the bonds of love of God and the mercy of God revealed in the Word will endure forever. Seeing that the things that we now regard as permanent will one day be dissolved, we should be moved to live godly lives and prompted to be righteous in all our conversation and actions. Knowing that the Word of God will last forever, we must store it like precious gold and silver in our hearts and minds as if nothing else counts. When we treasure the Word of God in our lives and give it a central place in our lives, our lives will take on the value of that which we store in us: we will outlast the universe. Our influence will endure beyond the stars of the world. They shine for a while however long but we will shine forever. When we endure a trouble or trial, we can tell ourselves, “ This too shall pass away.” But the outworking of the Word in every situation will continue forever. Prateep V Philip A visual of the beautiful Universe Listen to an even more beautiful song of the Uni-verse

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