Saturday, September 20, 2014

Delight in the Fountain of Life and Light

UV 1188/10,000 Delight in the Fountain of Life and Light

For with Thee is the fountain of life;
In Thy light shall we see light.
Psalm 36 v 9
The Lord is the unceasing fountain of life. He is the source of life and therefore, He alone is the sustainer of our lives. The light that we have in us is darkness, implying that our own understanding, intelligence and knowledge will lead us into darkness. All the great lights of the world are also shades of darkness. But, the light that God gives us in Jesus, His Word is the true light, the everlasting light. He gives us the light of salvation that gets brighter as our days advance. The light of His Word transforms our limited and darkened understanding. The knowledge of the glory of God is our light and the knowledge of the Son Jesus brings us the light of salvation. We also obtain light for our everyday decisions and activities from the Word. Without knowing the Saviour, the light itself will seem as darkness. But once we believe His Word and receive Him, the Holy Spirit becomes the source of our light. We derive our strength by delighting in the Word as illuminated by the Holy Spirit. When His light shines upon us, we are able to walk through times of darkness.

The Word that we internalise in our lives becomes rivers and streams of life-giving water. It will satisfy not only our thirst but the thirst for eternal life of all who hear us and believe it. Many people forsake the fountain of life and try to gather water in broken vessels that can hold no water. But, the Holy Spirit causes rivers of life-giving water to flow like an unceasing spring from our hearts. Our desire to know the secrets of life, the meaning, the source of power, the questions of our minds about who is God, about our own identity, purpose and source of power will be fully answered. Our minds will be renewed, our bodies and spirits will be refreshed. We will be able to recognize the wonders of God’s grace, love and mercy that He gives us freely like life, light, water and air. Just as we have been given these most valuable aspects of life freely, we too need to share it freely with others.

Lapping up the Word of God with delight and enthusiasm like Gideon’s chosen army of 300 soldiers is what makes us strong and victorious. Since the fountain of life is with the Lord, all our need is met in Him. Since we do not live life according to our lights but in accordance with the light of the knowledge and revelation of God, we will never be deceived. We will have clarity in all the complex issues of life. We will gain wisdom or the ability to apply knowledge in every domain of life. Just as a fountain is delightful to see and enjoy, we need to enjoy the experiences and testimonies of the Lord in our lives. It is a fountain that rises from our hearts but rises up to the very throne room of heaven in praise, thanksgiving and adoration.

Prateep V Philip

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