Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vessels of Grace and Mercy

UV 1184/10,000
Vessels of Grace and Mercy
I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel.

Psalm 31 v 12

Each of us are like a broken vessel before the Lord. But He sees our brokenness and our repentance and chose us to be vessels of mercy. He makes us whole once again. He completes us and perfects us. A sign of our brokenness is that we do not speak with pride, arrogance or contempt. The Lord hears our cry and rushes to our aid and help. He preserves us from accusing tongues. He will not let our enemies to triumph over us. He will not let us be put to shame. He will deliver us. He knows the anguish of our souls and assuages us. He will make our lives even more beautiful and impactful than before. We will fulfil the purpose for which we were designed.

Once the Lord touches our lives and re-builds us,we are like Gideon’s torches of fire hidden in pots of clay. We are passionate about the Lord, His Word and the good news of His mercy to all who are broken and repent. We become not just the recipients of His grace and mercy but containers, conveyors and carriers of His message of love to the rest of mankind. The world may ignore us but in the eyes of the Lord we remain a beautiful vessel, a noble vessel, a precious vessel, a rare vessel to be guarded and kept for occasions of honour. He fills us with His glorious riches of grace and mercy. He has many pleasant surprises in store for us. He knows that there are many who would like to break us to pieces and shards but He safeguards us.

Even one’s own mother can forget a person but the Lord will never forget His own. We read in the news so many instances of new born babies being abandoned by their mother. But the Lord will never abandon us. His face shines on us in the sense that He smiles with love and kindness as He looks upon us. He sets our feet in a good and spacious place. Our role as vessels of mercy is to always empty ourselves of our own self-will, our pride, our agenda, our vain thoughts and fears and to keep ourselves clean on the inside and the outside.

Prateep V Philip

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