Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Vitality of Agreement

UV 1193/10,000 The Vitality Of Agreement
Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Amos 3 v 3
This uni-verse puts it most succinctly that unless two people are in agreement with each other about the basics, they cannot have a healthy relationship. This applies not only to the relationship between a husband and wife in a marital relationship but between partners in a business as also between the Lord and a human being. God appeared to Abraham and told him, “ I am the Almighty God. Walk before me and be thou perfect.” Abraham needed to agree that God is Almighty, that he needed to revere and obey Him in walking before God and try to be perfect. Again about Noah it is written that he “ was just and perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.” It implied that Noah was intimate with God. Noah refused to be tempted by the pleasures and luxuries of Sodom and Gomorrah. Being in agreement is both a sign and a spur to mutual love. It implies shutting the door on that which displeases the significant other in a relationship. It is also a passage to salvation. It is compared to walking as any relationship is not an overnight wonder but a steady progression to a sharing of values, goals, efforts, suffering, pain, pleasure, experiences and views.

We need to walk in step with God. Our lives need to be in sync with the Lord. It means that our thoughts, words and deeds should be so designed as to please the Lord. Similarly, in a family the husband and wife should be in agreement with each other about the basics or it would be impossible for them to live together in harmony. Beliefs are the deeply held values of life. People in any kind of relationship need to be in agreement about their basic values and priorities in life. Scripture says that a man who believes the Lord if he is married to a woman who does not believe , the two are unequally yoked and that they would be like oxen who though tied to the same yoke will pull in different directions.

When two people agree together and with the Lord, then there is great freedom, blessing and harmony in that relationship. They will progress rapidly in achieving their common goals. It does not mean that they are a carbon copy of each other or that there will never be a difference of opinion between them but that they are agreed on the major issues and the basics. When we live according to the patterns of scripture and not the patterns of the world, we are in agreement with the Lord. It is not just an intellectual agreement but an agreement in the spirit. We experience the intimacy of a deep and personal commitment and relationship with Almighty God. Every step of our way we will enjoy His love, grace and mercy.

Prateep V Philip

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  1. ''any relationship is not an overnight wonder but a steady progression to a sharing of values, goals, efforts, suffering, pain, pleasure, experiences and views''.
    this is absolutely right. may it be ur relationship with ur life partner, ur own child, ur superior officer and with God himself. a relation mend on mutual efforts, suffering, pain, pleasure, experience and shared view has a better force or power that co-exists than one built on mere reference and masked behaviour of one that the other sees. it all comes down to Faith ! the faith that a husband has on his wife, the faith a father has.on his child, the faith subordinates have on their superior officers. Without this, the world would field an air of negativity in the form of suspicion and hatred.