Friday, September 5, 2014

The Highways Being Built in Our Hearts

UV 1177/10,000 The Highways Being Built in Our Hearts
Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them.

Psalm 84 v 5

When we lean on our own strength, our own arm of flesh we are very limited regardless of how strong we are, how capable or talented or resourceful we are. When we depend on our own natural intellect and abilities, we are walking in our own ways. But when we lean on the arm of the Lord and are completely dependent on Him for strength we are blessed for there is no limitation on His strength and power. He is generous and will give us that which we need. He strengthen us not externally but from deep within.

The Psalmist says that when we depend on the Lord for strength, we are building highways to Zion or the capital of God where He resides. The highways to heaven begin in our tiny hearts: the highway of peace where we enjoy tranquillity along the way: The highway of love where we enjoy His love and kindness every day and every moment of our earthly journey. The highway of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, insight and uncommon sense is also initiated from within our hearts by which we will obtain guidance, leading and discernment in our decision making or choices. The highway of mercy and grace whereby we obtain forgiveness for our failings and the grace to overcome our failings and weaknesses.

We trust in the Lord with all our heart and we do not rely on our own limited understanding. He will direct our paths and transform it into highways and superhighways to Zion, the Kingdom of God. Every step, every move, every day and moment takes us closer. The journey itself is enjoyable. We are greatly blessed as we walk on the highways of the Lord. Each principle and precept contained in the Word becomes a pathway and road in our lives that leads up to the Kingdom. Each uni-verse is a signboard indicating God’s highway. Unlike the maddening rat race being run on our own strength in the competition with the rest of the world, the race we run on God’s ways are a race of grace, at our own pace, not rushed, to be completed in God’s own time with enough pauses for reflection, rest, enjoyment, renewal and rejuvenation.

Prateep V Philip

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