Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Daily Mountain Top Experience

UV 1478/10,000 A Daily Mountain Top Experience
And be ready in the morning, and come up in the morning unto mount Sinai, and present thyself there to me in the top of the mount.

Exodus 34 v 2

We got to be ready every morning as early as we can to have a mountain top experience with the Lord. We should be alone and not be weighed down by our responsibilities and problems. Like Moses we should present ourselves to the Triune God. We are presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice before the Lord and Giver of Life. It pleases the Lord. We should prepare the two tablets, the tablet of our heart and the tablet of our mind so that the Lord can write His will and directions for us. The Lord God will reveal Himself to us as He revealed Himself to Moses as the God who is merciful and gracious, patient and abounding in goodness and truth, holding out His mercy for thousands who repent and turn to Him, yet by no means clearing the unrepentant but visiting them with the sins of the father to the third and fourth generation. We will also bask in the light of the Morning Sun- Jesus and hear the flutter of the wings of the Holy Spirit while praying and studying the Word. Each of us can have our own Mount Sinai- the place reserved for our private undisturbed meeting with the Lord. It could be a room, a garden or a rooftop. Moses entered the presence of Jehovah El Shaddai as a broken man, a man who had reared sheep in the wilderness but he left it with his face shining with the glory of the Shekinah presence of God. He could now lead His disgruntled people who presented a million problems and disputes. He could shake the very throne of the Super power Egypt and its mighty ruler Pharaoh. We enter His presence weak as weeds that can be broken in two but we will leave as strong as mountains. While we enter with the feeling , “ I am nothing”, we leave with the conviction, “ Nothing is impossible for God and therefore, I can do all things that He sets me to do.”

Moses had a special covenant relationship with the Lord. At times he got impatient, at times his old mercurial temper showed up. The Lord also got angry with Moses at time but He always had a soft corner for the child He redeemed from the Nile whom He anointed as forerunner of Jesus to deliver the people of Israel from the bondage of Egypt. The Lord can use a papyrus reed basket as He did with Moses or a great ark as He did with Noah and the entire gene pool of all species on the earth. To save Israel from Egypt He manifested His power to the mighty Pharaoh with signs and wonders. But to save thousands upon thousands from all generations of mankind, He used a counter intuitive method of using the very body of His only Son Jesus. He chose not to manifest His great power but rather He chose to manifest His grace and truth. Today, each morning as we commune with the Lord with spiritual songs, prayer and the Word, He manifests not His power but His mercy, grace and truth- mercy to accept us, grace to equip and empower us and truth to teach and build us.

Our daily mountain top experiences of the Lord will prepare us for the challenges, tasks and events for the day. From the mountain top, the Lord will give us vision. We will be able to see the Promised Land beyond the river of death. It will enable us to be able to surmount our immediate circumstances and be joyful through it all. The Lord will give us His word to eat and nourish our inner being. Normally food takes a couple of hours to digest and absorb. But the spiritual manna needs a good twenty four hours to digest and absorb. We need to keep remembering and meditating all through the day and on some nights in a watch of three hours on the inner and hidden meaning of the Word we receive every morning. Then we will be satisfied as with marrow and fatness as scripture puts it. We will be greatly strengthened. We will not be weary or weak. We will be motivated. We will rise on the wings of prayer and the Word. We will run with our vision and not grow tired. The Lord will give us victory in the valley of our daily lives. As the Lord prepared Moses for leadership, He will prepare us for leadership and impact on the world. Though even the mightiest of us are as fragile as weeds, He makes us as mountains.

Prateep V Philip

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