Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Blessings of Posterity

UV 1477/10,000 The Blessings of Posterity
They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for trouble; for they are the seed of the blessed of the LORD, and their offspring with them.

Isaiah 65 v 23

Our labour for the Lord is not in vain. We will enjoy our work and the fruit of our labour. We will reap what we have sown. We need not hide like Gideon in the winepress with the barley we have laboured to grow and reap. He will give us increase in the land. Solomon bemoaned the fact that a man labours all his life to build up his wealth in order to give to an unworthy heir. But as heirs with Christ of the Kingdom power and blessings, we will prove to be worthy heirs. Our blessings will never run out on us as long as we are in a covenant relationship with the Lord, Our Divine Bridegroom. When we are yoked to Christ we are primed to be blessed. The blessing of the Lord makes a man spiritually rich and he is saved from much trouble. We are rich in the eyes of the Lord in terms of the faith we possess, the ability to see the unseen hand of the Lord upon us in all we do.

The Lord will bless our inheritance and our posterity. Our children will be blessed after us. The righteous do not bring forth children for increasing their troubles but they will prove to be a blessing even as they are blessed. All who see them will know how blessed they are.
We need not be anxious about their future or worried about their safety. We need to pronounce a blessing on them every day of our lives: “ May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May He be gracious to you and be with you all the days of your life.” This is the spiritual seed we are sowing into their spirits and lives that will grow and multiply. Once the Lord revealed that we are only the temporary guardians of our children and that He alone is their permanent parent.

By our claiming the promises of the Lord regarding our children, we are putting a strong fencing around them like a gardener would put an iron ring fence around the tender saplings. The Lord promises to teach them and instruct them in the way they should go, in the choices they should make such that their peace shall be truly great. Instead of being in trouble or bringing trouble upon themselves and their families, they will abound in grace and peace. The Lord will provide His blood armour to them to protect them from the fiery arrows the enemy casts upon them. He will keep their eyes from tears and their feet from stumbling or in other words keep them from deliberate or accidental errors and blunders. Even if they experience temporary setbacks, the Lord will enable them to stage a come back, to recover and go forth from strength to strength.

Prateep V Philip

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  1. Wish God will bless... Like my father who also wished many things for his daughters....wishes are hope and belief in God that He will do for me.....and also a fear sense of responsibility that builds with time for parenting . .God do not forbid me from typing that he sent his messenger to be the scarecrows of the field..... He believed that his good deeds to daughters of fathers who are in need and who are fatherless...deeds count not in the term of money but is more fir those who gave the wisdom of God and those daughters will also count in those days to standby together in the name of God...