Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Power to Command

UV 1459/10,000 The Power to Command
And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.
Mark 4 v 39

Jesus demonstrated His love by His death on the cross for all sinners, past, present and future. But He demonstrated His power by commanding nature in this uni-verse. Jesus has the power to calm any storm in our lives: be it natural, supernatural, emotional, relational or psychological. He goes to the root cause of any kind of storm in our lives and commands the forces and factors causing it to be peaceful and still. The power to rebuke any unruly or disorderly element is authority. Leadership is the exercise of authority over such unruly and disorderly elements even as it is loving and serving the led. Leadership is probably called ….”ship” as it is by nature is a lot like sea voyaging- the course is through uncharted waters, the unpredictable can spring up at any time, anywhere and from any direction. It needs a helmsman to plot the direction who knows the way without any landmark. There is no better navigator and skipper for our lives than Jesus. He might appear to be sleeping but He is ever wakeful and watchful. No force on earth can withstand His power and authority.

Jesus has the original power to command the elements but He has also delegated the power to rebuke to believers in His name. We too have been given authority to command the natural and the supernatural. Our struggle after all is not with flesh and blood but with the powers and principalities of darkness. We will face storms in our lives but at that time we should not feel overwhelmed or fearful. The last storm that we have faced prepares us for the next big one. This is the reason scripture states that endurance produces patience and patience, hope. Endurance of the storms of life enable us to be calm and patient the next time a storm hits us since we know the Lord brought us safely out of the last one. Once we pass through a storm, it increases our faith in the power and grace of God. This produces hope.

The disciples feared for their lives when the storm overtook their boat. Their Master was sleeping and they thought they were sure to die in the storm. But when Jesus was awakened, He first rebuked the winds and waves and then rebuked His disciples. The storms happen in our lives to test our faith. With every test our faith further expands. Who do we look up to when we are caught in a storm? Who do we cry out to for help? Jesus in contrast to His disciples did not panic. He knew He had the authority to calm the storm. When we declare the Word of God, the storms in our lives will cease. When Jesus is in our boat, we need not be afraid in any situation.

Prateep V Philip

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