Monday, July 20, 2015

Parallel Tracks of Wholesome Communication

UV 1476/10,000 Parallel Tracks of Wholesome Communication
But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.
Matthew 5 v 37
In this uni-verse, Jesus lays bare the basis of truthful communication. Our communication in order to be wholesome, healthy, sanctified, purposeful and useful should always be an affirmation of the positive and the negation of the negative. There is no middle path or compromise between the two. The things that we should affirm are positive. It might bring short term pain but long term gain. The things that we should negate or say “No” to may bring us short term pleasure or gain but long term and eternal pain for instance, promiscuity, corruption, bribery, violence, pornography, devious sexual behaviour, cheating, crime, dishonesty, laziness and lies. Each human being has a tendency to be like God as we are created in His image. At the same time, we have an inherent inclination to be deceived and tempted by what is seemingly good. Hence, every thought and indeed every word of communication of ours should have two parallel strands or tracks- an affirmation of the truth and a denial of the lie.

It need not even be a communication with someone else but an internal communication to our own selves. We need to keep affirming the Word of God in our lives and keep negating the promptings of the world. We need to keep affirming the counsel and urging of the Holy Spirit. Some might ask, “how then does one deal with the grey areas in life?” My mentor once told me, “ When in doubt, no doubt” meaning that when we have a doubt whether what we are contemplating or about to decide is good or bad, then we can be certain that it is not the right path for us.

Any communication beyond affirming the positive and faithful and negating the untruthful, unwise, unfaithful brings judgement and condemnation on us for it emanates from the father of lies- satan. Jesus in contrast is the father of truth for He declared and was shown to be truth personified. He said, “ I am the way, the truth and life.” He is the way to success, blessing, joy, fulfilment, righteousness, salvation and eternal life. We need to constantly affirm our faith in Him and deny the influence of the world and of the enemy of our soul. Jesus is also the “yes and Amen to all God’s promises.” In the book of Revelation, He is revealed to be Lord Amen or the one who causes prayers to be answered, blessings to be granted. We need to affirm our faith in all of God’s promises and at the same time the doubt that keeps trying to creep into our minds. When we are communicating with others, we have a tendency to push ourselves up and pull others down. We should say “no” to this. Instead, the Word asks us to speak in such a way that we build and encourage others. We are called to be gracious in our speech, seasoned with salt. Salt is a compound of two poisonous chemicals- sodium and chlorine. We need to kill the poison in our communication or our tongues. This is negating the negatives. Salt is also a preservative. We need to use speech to preserve peace and enhance the grace and glory of God in every word we speak.

Prateep V Philip

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  1. I am still unable to reflect on the impact of chlorine to think of the whole picture....