Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Living Weapons of the Spirit

UV 1602/10000 Living Weapons of the Spirit
Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever.
Psalm 28 v 9

The Lord feeds us with nourishment and strength from His Word. He gives us hope that buoys up our spirits. He regards us as His inheritance and blesses us or causes us to grow in a wholesome and balanced way. He desires us to lift us up or exalt us. He redeems us out of all our troubles. Like Job despite all the trials and tribulations we face in life, we should hold onto faith as our living shield and affirm, “ My Redeemer lives.”

A shield is a dead or inanimate article but a belief or an article of faith is a living shield. A sword is an inert and inanimate weapon. A hand has to move it or wield it. But the Word of God is a living sword. It has inherent and inbuilt power to impact life positively in every situation. The Word is the weapon of the spirit. The Spirit of God uses it to shape and mould us, to cut off the rough edges, to fill us hope and strength. An inanimate weapon has limitations of reach. A living weapon can touch the smallest pore and penetrate the mightiest power on earth. An aninamate weapon becomes obsolete over time while a living weapon always remain relevant and powerful . An inanimate weapon takes life and harms people while a living weapon gives life and helps people. An inanimate weapon destroys while a living weapon creates and endures. An inanimate weapon affects only bodies or minds while a living weapon affects the whole being- spirit, mind and body.

The Lord uses His living weapons to strengthen us from within, to bless us, to save us. His commands discipline us and build our character while His promises releases power, anointing and blessings into our lives. When we pray using the living shield of faith and the living sword of the spirit, we make advances in the spiritual realm. We are lifted up above the level of our immediate circumstances. We gain a perspective that is eternal and surpassing the temporal and the temporary.

Prateep V Philip

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