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Salvation- A Synonym for Success

UV 1622/10000 Salvation- A Synonym for Success
And his master saw that the LORD was with him, and that the LORD made all that he did to prosper in his hand.

Genesis 39 v 3

One of the lies that the enemy has got us to believe is that God is against our success. The truth is that the enemy of our soul is against our success as he wants to steal from our peace, joy and potential. Joseph’s brothers had no desire to succeed themselves but they hated the idea of their brother alone succeeding. The brothers’ smearing the multi-coloured coat that the father Jacob had lovingly gifted with the blood of a sheep is a foreshadow of the blood of Jesus needing to be spiritually smeared on all mankind for their success, fulfilment and salvation. Indeed, God saw the heart of Joseph and loved what He saw. He saw a desire to be great, an equal desire to be upright. God decided that wherever Joseph went He would go with Him. Indeed, the criterion for success is not brilliance or hard work or talent but that the Lord is with us, that He blesses our dreams and desires and brings it to fruition in due time.

Joseph had a multi-coloured coat gifted to him by his father Jacob. This coat is a metaphor for the natural talent and ability we inherit as part of our DNA from our parents, Our talents and ability are no guarantee of success for the world has seen enough talented and able people ending their lives in frustration and failure. The uni-verse states that the Lord made ALL that Joseph did to prosper. It is ultimately the grace of God that is sufficient for ALL our need that makes us succeed in the race. It is not how fast we moved off the block, it is not the pace of life or work that we maintained , the foresight and careful plans we made or the fortunate circumstances that powers us to finishing line success. Joseph was faithful to God and to earthly masters whom God placed over him. He was forgiving and did not harbour any bitterness due to the grievous hurt his brothers plotted against him when he was but an innocent and callow youth. Joseph was patient and willing to wait for God’s will to be fulfilled.

Joseph represents the quintessential meaning of success in this life. His life was designed to be a fruitful bough. The well that watered the bough was the specific Word He received from the Lord in a prophetic dream. The bough being fruitful had stones thrown on it in terms of the jealousy , hostility and aggression it invited from his eleven brothers. He suffered reverses early in life in order to be pruned or prepared for bearing much fruit. But the Lord saw that each turn and twist in his story ended well. Joseph saw things long before they happened. The Lord gave him ability to interpret dreams and a prophetic insight and vision to act in practical ways on the basis of his interpretation. Joseph became the instrument in the hands of God to preserve the seed of Israel or the very survival of the twelve tribes or branches of Israel in a time of great famine. True success is another term for salvation. God’s plan of salvation is a plan for the complete success and fulfilment of man. It is not a selfish plan but it is intended that our own experience of salvation becomes a source of benefit or blessing to many others, our near and dear as well as those who come in contact with us in the course of our journey. Our sojourn on earth has many phases like Joseph’s: an early phase where the seed of dreams and desires are planted in our hearts and minds, a phase of hostility, oppression, suppression or persecution, a desert phase, a prison phase or a phase of captivity, a phase of growth and prosperity, a phase of fruition or fulfilment of the seed of dreams and desires, a phase of legacy. Joseph’s life and success were beneficial for him, for the inner circle of his family, kith and kin, for the nations and for the Lord Himself. The scriptural definition of success is to be both blessed and a blessing. Our faithfulness will be tested in many seasons. The key priority is to endure till the finishing line and the key factor to ensure it is a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord. If the Lord is with us, we will surely succeed regardless of the circumstances or the resources. Eternal life is gifted to us in Jesus so that we succeed forever and not just during our earthly sojourn.
Prateep V Philip

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