Friday, July 8, 2016


UV 2006/10000 A.S.K.
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
Matthew 7 v 7

The secrets of the kingdom of God is summed up in this acronym A.S.K. We ask the Lord not as one asks a Master but as one asks a Father. A father on earth has limitations in answering fully and positively but the Father in heaven has no such limitations. He is able to answer more than we can ask, think, imagine or dream of. But we need to ask boldly, faithfully , thankfully and without doubting His character or His ability. We ask for our need on any given day, in any given situation or circumstance. We seek for wisdom and we knock for opportunities. We also need to seek the Lord Himself with all our heart.

We need to ask with gratitude. We need to ask according to His will and His Word. We need to ask in the name of Jesus. We need to seek His glory, for our honour, immortality and eternal life for when we seek such treasures, it pleases the Father’s heart. We need to ask, seek and knock persistently and diligently. We need to give first priority to the Kingdom of God or the rule of God in our lives and in seeking His righteousness. The Lord carefully examines the motivation of our hearts behind our asking, seeking and knocking.

The Lord is willing and able to give that which is good and perfect to those who love Him above all persons and all things. He is able to show us what eye has not seen or ear heard or entered our thoughts and imagination. It does not mean that we suspend our ability to visualise, hear or imagine but that we stretch these faculties and senses to their logical and possible limits. The supernatural happens beyond those limits. A miracle is always only one prayer away. It does not mean that we do not do whatever lies within our reach. We are not called to a “lazy bones” faith or complacency but to stretch every nerve, muscle and tissue. Asking, seeking and knocking is not an option but a command. The response of the Lord is also certain and guaranteed for the word “shall” is used and not “can” or “may.” The timing of receiving, finding and opening of doors is a decision or choice of the Lord. We need to be expectant of an instantaneous or early answer but patient enough to wait till we receive, find or access the opportunity. A refusal, a non-discovery or a closed door is not the sign of an absent God but a sign that a better thing awaits us either in the here and now or in eternity. The Lord has a higher priority – the transformation of our souls and lives than just the satisfaction of our earthly needs.
Prateep V Philip

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