Friday, July 22, 2016

Salvation Begins Now

UV 2018/10000 Salvation Begins Now

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Psalm 50 v 15

The Lord asks us to watch and pray as the whole world is going to be turned upside down virtually with various terrible incidents and unprecedented attacks in many cities, nations and states. People will be stunned. But the Lord expects us to pray at all times and especially in the day of trouble. Each day has its own troubles and hence, no day can go without prayer. Prayer is like a watchman reporting to the master, the owner of the house. We need to be vigilant and alert like a watchman. We must look for signs or tell tale evidence like a watchman. We are reporting to the Lord the threats and dangers the world is facing. The Lord delivers us from all our troubles and our fears. Each problem in our life marks a milestone. Each threat and obstacle is a rung in Jacob’s dream ladder or stairway to heaven. The angel of deliverance stands on each rung or step. Each experience of deliverance enriches and deepens our faith and our intimacy with the Lord. Each takes us to the next level of faith, love and hope. Faith is about belief, love is about character and hope is about fulfilment of our earthly and eternal needs. It is said that troubles can make a person better or bitter. For a believer, troubles are the Lord’s message to make us better and never bitter.

The Lord will comfort us and strengthen us from within such that His name is glorified. Many of the rulers and leaders of this world need people to guard them but the Lord does not need security. He provides security to His people. When we see the amazing ways in which He safeguards and delivers us from fears and troubles, we will spontaneously worship and adore Him. Salvation is not something that happens after death but it begins here and now. Salvation is personal, holistic, real, comprehensive and eternal. As long as we stick to Him and His promises like a leech, He will keep our eyes from tears and our feet from stumbling.

Some areas of our lives are like a desert. The Lord promises to cause a river of blessing to flow through it and cause us to flourish. We need to keep offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Lord with the words of our lips and the feelings of our hearts. The Lord delivered the defenceless Israelites who were just freed from the bondage of Egypt with a series of events and miracles. The bondage of Egypt in our lives implies the shackles the world puts on us. The Lord will orchestrate a series of events, circumstances, breakthroughs and miracles to deliver and set us free from our troubles in this world.

Prateep V Philip

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