Saturday, July 23, 2016

Unction in Our Function

UV 2019/10000 Unction in Our Function
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well
Psalm 139 v 14

Our bodies are built like a beautiful cathedral to the Lord. The bishop of our souls who dwells therein is Jesus. Today, He is our good Shepherd. He meets with all our needs. He is the source of our security, our satisfaction and our joy. He has created us privately, miraculously and wonderfully in our mothers’ wombs. He has shaped our intellects and made us unique. Nobody is the same. Everyone of us is distinct right from the cellular level or in terms of our DNA fingerprint. Each of us have an unique eye. Each has unique gait. Each has an unique voice. Each has unique fingerprints and footprints. Our situations, families and circumstances are also unique and different. The Lord would not have paid such attention to detail except it is to distinguish us, to show us that He has an unique purpose for each of our lives. The laws by which our bodies function are part of our covenant with the Lord, our personal pact with our Maker and Redeemer.

Yet none of us are self sufficient. The strongest, the most powerful, the most gifted among us are equally vulnerable and weak. The Lord has made us fearfully such that we cannot function effectively without His help and unction. Even the organs of our bodies are in reverence of the Lord. This is the reason that when we command healing to happen in respect of any ailing organ in the name of Jesus, healing takes place. Our souls know these things without any external instruction as the remnant of the spirit of God exists in the natural man. We however often take for granted our bodies and the wonderful and miraculous way they are constructed and the marvellous way they work in unison and harmony like a million member orchestra. We assume that good health is our birth right. We abuse our bodies with food, drink, tobacco, narcotic substances, disfiguring it with horrendous tattoos and body piercing, with habits that are either indolent or destructive. We pay attention to our bodies only when sickness or injury affects us. Some of us pay too much attention to the body to the neglect of the mind or soul and spirit. We need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in catering to the needs of the spirit, mind and body or the whole being. All the parts of the body are held in a wonderful but fragile balance or equilibrium. The Lord preserves this equilibrium in all aspects and parts of our lives through His wonderful works.

A cathedral without a bishop however grand is not a cathedral. A palace without a king, however glorious, is not a palace. The focus of our minds and bodies, the locus of our existence is the Lord God. He is the One who holds all the bones, tissues , tendons, muscles and joints in place and causes it to function marvellously. He is the One who knows us inside out. Just as a compass firmly placed on a locus draws a perfect circle around it, so also as we fix the compass of our priorities and values firmly in the Lord, our lives too would be wonderful, marvellous and joyful. We need to often, if not continually praise our Designer, Maker and Redeemer for our bodies, for His works of purification, perfection, protection, provision, promotion and preservation in our lives.

Prateep V Philip

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