Sunday, July 10, 2016

Focus on the Locus

UV 2007/10000 Focus on the Locus
I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved
Psalm 16 v 8
Soon after we are born and begin to understand things, we draw a circle of inclusion around us with us as the centre. But as soon as we realize that the Lord is the locus, the centre, the genesis and the fulfilment of life, we draw the circle of inclusion with Him as the locus. Thereafter, our focus is always on the locus, the Lord and Giver and Saviour of Life. We always sense His presence in us and close at hand always such that the things that formerly got our attention, attracted or distracted us no longer have that power over us. He is always proximate and not approximate, implying that He guides us precisely and wisely in all our ways. We are no longer afraid of the things that we were fearful of.

The act of replacing the fig leaf dresses of Adam and Eve by the Lord Himself is a symbol that whatever we do to cover our nakedness will always fall short or be inadequate. The Lord covers our shame. He covers our weaknesses. He protects and preserves us from the wily schemes of the enemy. We are no longer concerned with what is outside our circle of inclusion. We are contented that whatever we need the Lord will provide for us. We are not moved by negative stimuli. We find our security and our comfort in Him. There is nothing that we lack in Him. The focus of our minds and hearts is the locus of life.

We are anchored in the Word of God. Nothing can throw us off track. We give top priority to His kingdom and His righteousness in all our desires, efforts and actions. We are not moved by greed or selfish ambition or frustration. The use of the words “ right hand” locate the Lord close to us and also strategically so that He is able to see all round us and so shield us. We are like a rock as we are filled with the power and strength of the Lord. The enemy or his agents cannot steal our peace, threaten our security, rob us of our happiness or our blessings. He cannot kill our hope or the spirit of eternal life in us. What we treasure is our closeness to the Lord and we know no one can steal this from us. We do not however withdraw into our circle of inclusion or remain isolated or indifferent to others but are always attempting to make others realize that the Lord is the centre of their lives too if only they are willing to believe.

Prateep V Philip

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