Thursday, December 29, 2016

Leadership By Grace

UV 2159/10000 Leadership By Grace
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4 v 16

Jesus has by His death and resurrection absolved us by the first act of all sin, gives us hope of eternal life by His second act of rising from the dead. He is now at the right hand of the Father in heaven as our advocate, intercessor and High Priest. On account of these we can enter boldly the court of the Lord and approach His throne to obtain both mercy and grace. Grace is beautifully defined or described in this uni-verse as the divine help God gives us in our time of need. The manger leader or manager ‘s testimony is always, “ I once was blind but now I see by grace.”

A manger leader or manager does not enter the presence of the Lord on his own merits but on the basis of the justification provided by Jesus. The word “justification” means to “make straight.” The Lord is the One who has made our ways straight, our hearts straight. We live and walk in the “street called Straight.” It is the narrow way. It is the more uncomfortable way. If we move a little to the left or to the right, we will be hurt like Balaam the prophet on his “prophetic donkey.” Jesus as our High Priest who once was fully human walked this narrow path and remained faithful and victorious till the end. Though vulnerable as humans, He proved Himself to be the Mighty God. He did not yield to temptations or pressures. He knows our shortcomings and supplies what we lack by His abundant mercy and grace.

Manger leadership and management is not about self righteousness as there is nothing to be proud of in terms of our character or our abilities. It is leadership and management by grace. It involves boldness, courage, initiative, dynamism and confidence based not on our physical or intellectual attributes or expertise. It is not based on good luck or intuition but on the favour of the Lord. Like Jesus, the manger leader or manager grows in wisdom( Decisional Intelligence) and in knowledge( Intellectual Intelligence) and in favour with God(Spiritual Intelligence) and man( Emotional and Social Intelligence). Decisional Intelligence is about making the right choices consistently and to be able to identify at an early stage if one has made any wrong choice and take prompt steps to correct it or at least contain the damage. Since the Lord is the only One who knows the end from the beginning of everything that exists and will ever exist, He gives the manger leader guidance by way of prompters, pointers and markers through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and through the shaping of circumstances.
Prateep V Philip

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