Friday, December 30, 2016

Transformation- A Two Way Process

UV 2160/10000 Transformation- A Two Way Process
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5 v 17

Jesus is the Word of reconciliation between God and man, between man and man, between man and woman, between the past, present and the future, between spirit, mind and body. The implanting of the Word in the manger leader or manager initiates a new creature in him. Two processes happen simultaneously in the manger leader or manager- one of living for Christ, in Christ, by Christ and another of dying to the self, dying to the flesh, dying to the ego, dying to sin, dying to lusts, dying to the world. He has to cleave to the Lord and to leave the world. He has to cling to good and let go of what is evil. The first process builds us up. The second process breaks down all the negatives in our lives. Together, these two processes constitute renewal and transformation.

The first time God created man in His image, He did it on a single day. Now, the second act of creating our inner selves in the image of Christ is done over our lifetime on earth. The first time we were created, we were made distinct from all other species with a soul and a spirit. But we had no participation in the act of creation. Man was given the power to name or label every creature and plant. Man was also given the power of domination or leadership. But, man by a single act of disobedience developed the spirit of disobedience or rebellion against the godly order. The second time we are created in the image of Christ by faith and it therefore, it involves our participation. We are now invested with the self same spirit of Christ- of reverence and obedience of the Father. He is now become our justification, our sanctification, our redemption, our salvation, our wisdom, our righteousness and our strength. The first time God created man, He left him and visited him. Now, the Lord never leaves us. He is with us as the immanent God and Saviour.

Jesus said, “Do not put new wine in an old bottle.” Accordingly, He put the new spirit of obedience in a new heart, a heart of flesh and not of stone for as soon as man rebelled against God, his spiritual heart shrivelled and died. As a result, the manger leader has a new and eternal perspective. For the manger leader or manager, that the Lord is with him, is the greatest joy, the greatest strength, the greatest wisdom, the greatest power, the greatest wealth and pleasure. The manger leader has a new vision of life, a new sense of priorities. He is no longer driven by his own passions and desires but by the purpose the Lord has created him and redeemed him for.

Prateep V Philip

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