Friday, December 23, 2016

The Manger Leader's Humility

UV 2153/10000 The Manger Leader’s Humility
Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake

Psalm 115 v 1

The manger leader is not egoistic, vain, proud or arrogant. He is not proud or boastful regardless of what he accomplishes. He does not grumble or murmur when circumstances are adverse or unfavourable to him. The manger leader does not appropriate all praise and glory for any good he does to himself. Instead, he stays humble by attributing all success, achievement and contribution to the Lord. He recognizes that he is just a channel for the Lord to reveal His power, majesty, sovereignty, glory and grace. He knows that all glory belongs to the Lord and to Him alone. The name of God is a symbol of the different dimensions of the One who said His name is “ I AM WHO I AM,” implying that He is our glory, our joy, our strength, our source of power, mercy and grace. The manger leader meditates on the names of God – Jehovah Jireh- the provider and gives constant thanksgiving to this name. Jehovah Nissi – the Invincible One who gives victory. Jehovah Rapha- the healer of spirit, mind and body. Jehovah Shalom- the One who gives wholesome and holistic success, prosperity, joy and peace. The manger leader strives to be perfect like the Father and in that process, he catches up with excellence. He realizes that he has fallen short even in the best work he has done of the standards of God. But he is thankful he can rely on the mercy of the Lord.

The manger leader knows that the Lord is the One who fights all his battles. He has victory as he depends on God and Him alone. He does not neglect all that he has to do. He gets his horses and chariots ready for battle but he knows that the Lord who gives the victory. This implies that we should use all the tools, talents, skills, abilities that the Lord has blessed us with. The blind, uninspired leader or “danger leader” in contrast takes credit for all the good that happens and passes on the blame to others.

The manger leader applies the truths he has learnt from the Word of God by the inspiration and interpretation of the Holy Spirit. These truths are his shield and buckler, his weapon of defence against all the fiery darts shot at him by the enemy of the soul as well as his weapon of attack to deliver a deadly blow on the head of the enemy of his soul. He puts into practice the principles he has learnt from the truths he has discovered and learnt from scripture. Whatever he does or attempts he does it for the greater glory of God or in other words to demonstrate the greatness, goodness and faithfulness of the Lord. The manger leader does not wait till a thing is accomplished but gives praise, thanks and glory to God at every stage and all through the process of waiting for the Lord to answer a prayer, accomplish a certain matter. He discovers that faith is the fuel of the engine of hope and giving glory and praise to God to whom it belongs is the lubricant. Giving all glory to God and Him alone also is an effective antidote to preventing pride, egoism, arrogance in leaders and managers.

Prateep V Philip

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