Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Secret of Great Leading, Living and Loving

UV 2141/10000 The Secret of Leading, Living and Loving
A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent
Proverb 28 v 20

Faithfulness of human beings presage the blessing of the Lord. He searches the earth, the hearts of people and blesses the faithful abundantly in all generations and in all nations. Our blessings from the Lord are not the focus of our personal relationship with Him but incidental to it. He blesses us in terms of health, healing, deliverance, financial adequacy, emotional stability and spiritual joy. The Lord who is the source of all blessings dwells in and with the righteous and faithful who are trying to be perfect in all their ways. Such faithful ones are not in a hurry to become rich by any means. Those who try to become wealthy somehow are inclined to take short cuts, make compromises, break their own principles, violate the law of God and of man.

There is a wonderful enumeration of blessings any human could desire that is surprisingly relevant and coveted to this day. It is listed in Deuteronomy along with the condition to inherit and appropriate these blessings. God’s love is unconditional but His blessings are conditional to our listening, observing diligently the commandments of the Lord. The love of Christ did not cancel the law of God given through Moses. It fulfilled and completed it. Love should therefore precede law in our lives. But the law should be inscribed in our hearts. The transference of the law and precepts of the Lord should take place from the pages of the Bible to our hearts. We should diligently and carefully listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit who is constantly whispering and guiding us. We should not seek to go to the right or to the left. We should do what we listen and hear. The Lord promises to set such as these high above all nations. It implies that when we give priority to the Lord and His word in our lives, we are in a different orbit altogether. We do not have the excessive desire for wealth that afflicts people of all nations. We are contented with the portion the Lord gives us and are guided only by His priorities, the priorities of the kingdom of God. We do not pierce ourselves with the many sorrows that afflict those who foolishly seek after the curse of ill gotten wealth. Since we have immediate, full and free access to the throne of the Almighty, we are more powerful and influential than the high and mighty of this world. We enjoy the presence of the Lord much more than the worldly enjoy wine, wealth, fame or other pleasures of the flesh.

We ought to be more zealous for righteousness and the kingdom of God or the rule of love of Jesus more than misers treasure gold, connoisseurs value their collections of wine, art or coins. Then the Lord will bless us in the cities where we dwell and we will blessed in the field where we work. The Lord will bless our children so that they are a source of blessing and not of trouble. He will bless our land and its produce. He will bless our livestock, even our pets. He will bless our store so that it is more than sufficient for all our needs. He will bless our food and drink so that it is wholesome and keeps us strong and healthy. He will bless our entry and exits. He will bless our journeys with joy, safety and good outcomes. He will bless everything that we undertake and establish the work of our hands. He multiplies our talents and abilities so that we perform exceptionally well. He makes us the head and not the tail, the significant leader and not the also ran. He will give us the early rain or shower of all these blessings as well as the latter rain or the blessings needed at the time of maturity of crop, fruit or results. He will send us the rain of blessings in due proportion and due time, not late or early, not scarce or excessive. He will inspire fear and awe of us in our enemies and foes. We will be a sign or testimony unto all people around us as to the reality and awesomeness of the blessings of the Lord. Above all these blessings, the name of the righteous by faith in Christ is written in the book of eternal life. This single blessing outweighs all the aforesaid blessings. We need to name and number all our blessings and it will give us a heart of joy and gratitude for God’s grace. All these blessings are obtained by grace of God in Jesus in addition to the blessings of peace- the protection from the curses of our fallen nature- the curses of disobedience, the curse on all flesh, the curse on the earth, the curse on our children, the curse on our work, the curse on our health, the curse on our finances, the curse on our generations, the curse on our food and drink, the curses on our land, the curses of our foes, rivals and enemies, the curses that we have brought on ourselves by the things we thought, said or done.

Prateep V Philip

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