Thursday, January 19, 2017

Security of Integrity

UV 2180/10000 Security of Integrity
He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known.
Proverbs 10 v 9

It is said that if one has integrity, nothing else is needed. If one does not have it, nothing else is of any use. Integrity of a person is a source of security. It is also a source of much blessing of the Lord. The manger leader or manager is a person of integrity. He does not stretch his hand for dishonest gain. He does not speak untruth. He does not indulge in violence or wickedness of any kind. He walks in the ways that please God and not man. A train or a monorail has to run on the tracks or it will get derailed. The eyepieces of a horse’s bridle and reins keep the horse focussed on the path or road ahead, unmindful of the distractions on the wayside. Similarly, a person of integrity shuts his eyes to the allurements of the world and sticks to the tracks set before him in the word or the law of the Lord. The manger leader does not seek the approval of others. He seeks and obtains the approval of the Lord who knows his every thought, emotion, desire, need, strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. His confidence however is not on his own righteousness or integrity but on the guidance and faithfulness of the Lord.

Integrity is aligning one’s beliefs, desires, thoughts, words, actions and reactions with the revealed truths of God’s word. The person who walks in integrity or in alignment with his conscience as instructed by the word of God cannot fail. He is like an arrow fired from the bow of the Lord. There is agreement between his thoughts, words and actions. He is not afraid of people for fear of God fills him with wisdom and counsel. He takes appropriate decisions and acts accordingly. The person who does not walk in integrity distorts the truths to suit him. He compromises on matters of principle and truth. He is one person in public and quite another in private.

The word states that the blessings of the person of integrity is that his needs would be met. The Lord will not deny any good thing that he needs. The Lord will bless his food and water, implying that the inputs into all that he does will be blessed. The word of his mouth and the work of his hands will be established and be blessed. The progeny of the person of integrity are greatly blessed. Even if he falls or fails or suffers a setback in anything, he will recover quickly like both Job and David. The person who is wicked and without integrity will fall suddenly and not be able to recover what he has lost. He will suffer the consequences, shortcomings, curses that are enumerated in Deuteronomy chapter 28.

Prateep V Philip

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